Yay- frugalness is abounding!

     I love being frugal.  I think it is the challenge of finding items at the very best price.  My husband has no understanding of the pride when I come home with somthing I bought for 80% off or more.  Clothing for the kids, food, gifts, plants for the gardens, tools, school supplies, arts and crafts supplies and just about anything in Hobby Lobby.  *grin*

     It is a very rare thing that I purchase anything that is not on sale or clearance.   

     Granted, sometimes those things are not necessities, but rather something I just really, really want.

     Like this beauty.


     Oh so tuscany, don’t ya think?  Looks like stone, but it is much lighter than expected.

     This one is my mom’s.  She has her’s set up, and I took a picture of it to show you what mine looks like.  Outside of the box.  With water in it. 

     Our house is for sale, and I do not want to set it up only to have a prospective buyer want it to come with the house.   Don’t think so buddy!! 

     It is not small.  It stands approximately 3 1/2 feet high, and the base is almost 3 feet in diameter. 

     We bought them at the same time at my local Home Depot.  There were only 2 left.  I stood gaurd while she went for sales help.  (Ms. Dimples was only a couple weeks old so there was no lifting on my part!  Original price:  $268.)  My price:  $61.  Booyah baby! 

     I cannot wait until we finally get into our next house so I can set it up.  I would love to see it with elephant ears as the backdrop, as well as some 4 o’clocks, sedum, moonflowers and lambsear.   I am already planning my new garden on graph paper which means I am practically swooning with excitement.

    So, have you been frugal lately?


2 responses to “Yay- frugalness is abounding!

  1. Love the fountain, it is so cute and what a steal you got!!!

  2. Oh Rhen that’s so cool!!!!! Good job on the frugal 😉 let’s see….I can’t think of anything really yet..Oh well, I’ll be getting my 175 dollar text book for one class for a discounted price of 50 dollars through half.com, along with my other ones 😉

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