Thirsty Thursday- Multi-Schooling


     One of the homeschooling questions I get asked the most is, “How do you homeschool so many children?”.  Good question!  

     When I sat down at my computer to answer it, I really had to think.  It is something I just do.  You know?  I never sat down and scheduled my day based on their ages.   The rhythm and schedule we have now evolved over the past 9 years to be what it is.   There have been many changes, but what we have settled into works really well.

     Our basic school day starts with our daily devotion and handwriting.  All of the children participate in this.  They all have handwriting to one degree or another.  The older ones do not need my help to write their verses.  They show me when they have completed, and I will either approve or have them practice it again.  The littles who need more guidance sit on either side of me, and we work together.  The youngest practices her letters and short words while the older kids have full verses. 

     We then move onto our shared subject.   This is a subject that covers multiple grade levels at once.  While I am working with the older kids on their shared subject, the littles have worksheets to color or complete.  Each worksheet is themed, and I try to have them match what I am doing with the older kids.  An example would be:  if the older kids and I are studying about pollination then the worksheets for the littles will be of flowers and flower parts.  They are right there at the table with the big kids and I, and I am always amazed how much the littles will take away from the lesson. 

     When the older kids move on to work independently on their individual subjects it gives me more time to work one-on-one with the littles.  I may have Ms. Independent (4) work on a puzzle while Ms. Lovebug (6) and I work on her math.  Then they will switch up.  Ms. Lovebug (6) has gotten to the age where I can have her doing worksheets and workbooks while I am having a reading lesson with Ms. Independent (4).

     The littles do not work as long as the big kids do.  I try to give them several breaks throughout the day to play outside or with games.  I don’t want them to get burned out or overloaded.   I use this time to focus on answering whatever questions the older kids have or helping them with something they need more guidance on.

     I am often working in several areas at once.  I go to who needs me at that moment.   There is very little sitting down while we are doing school work.  I look more like a bee buzzing all over the place.  LOL

     This is not all-inclusive of my daily schedule.  Rather, it is a basic overview to show how I  make our homeschool adventure with children of different grade levels work.  For the record, the grades are K, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 7th. 

     I am glad to answer any questions!

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4 responses to “Thirsty Thursday- Multi-Schooling

  1. I have 2nd, 5th, and 7th graders, and I’m anxious about how I’m going to make it work! There are some subjects that I dont’ want my kids to do completely on their own (like English and Latin), but that means I have to be able to work with each of them individually. Ack! How to do it??!!

  2. That is great. We graduated our oldest last year so this year should be a snap! Yeah! No high school to teach this year.

  3. Awesome info! I’ve often wondered how people do it when they have a large family.

  4. Great overview of homeschooling many. You definitely do grow into. I have great admiration for those that suddenly pull a number of kids out of school to homeschool, because that would be much tougher than gradually adding in number of students and complexity as happens when you school all along.

    I love the analogy of a bee buzzing about your students’ work. Very fitting!

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