Tackle it Tuesday- Kitchen Style!

     Hello!  Glad to see you dropping by.  If you are one of my regular reader-


     Onto today’s tackle.  I am calling it Tackle it Tuesday- Kitchen Style, but I could also call it Tackle it Tuesday- Oooh Spicy!  This is one tackle I am personally excited about, I must say.

     Ms. Serious (12) and I tackled the spice cabinet.  My cake decorating items were just buried.  So many of the spices were just thrown in there.  I am sure that I had absolutely nothing to do with that.  *ahem*

     Here is the before shot (shudder):

     See?  My spice cabinet  was just a big jumbled mess. 

     Now it looks like this:

     So much nicer and easier.  Mr. Muscles is working to keep this cabinet straightened as well.  He used some spices, and put them back in their places.  Woo Hoo!! 

     Even though I cannot see inside the cabinet unless it is open, the kitchen just feels more organized when I walk in it.  Insert a little sigh and a smile here. 

     Did you tackle something and want to share it?  Maybe you are looking for a little inspiration?  Pop over to 5 Min for Mom and check out Tackle it Tuesday! 




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