Things I Love Thursday



    Want to know something I love?  I mean really, really love.


     The rainbow of crayons unused and ready to spread color love, freshly sharpened pencils, bright pink erasers, glue and construction paper the kids will use to make all kinds of wonderful creations, and white, crisp notebook paper the kids will fill with all the new things they are learning.  What’s not to love?

     There are even a few things for me in there.  Several packages of pens, some dry erase markers, sharpies, post it notes and copy paper. 

     It took a lot self control to only come home with what I did.  There are a few things that I still had plenty of and did not have to buy.   Crayons would not be one of them.  I think my children eat them.  I bought over 20 boxes last year and still ran out during the school year.   This year I bought almost double that.  🙂  LOL   Maybe this will keep the kids in crayons for the year! 

     The sad thing is that I probably will pick up a few more things until they are either all sold out or the sales are gone.  Pray for me.  *grin*

     So?  What are you sharing with the class for Things I Love Thursday?  Join in the fun at The Diaper Diaries.  I promise to come and visit. 

     While you’re here why not take a moment and enter some giveaways? * Weehuggers Cloth Diaper Giveaway  *Debbie Meyer Green Bags Giveaway   *CoQ10 Health Supplement Giveaway $49.99 value!

Fully Relying on God,



6 responses to “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I love school supplies, too. I think it’s a big reason why I became a teacher! LOL Put me in a teacher’s store and I can blow so much $, so fast. I stay away. 😉

    This is the first year we had official school shopping to do for our son. Wow! So exciting, but I can’t believe we’ve reached this milestone already.

    Enjoy it all!

  2. I will always remember getting ready for school each year with the trip to get school supplies. Often I would run into classmates grumbling about their free time and summer coming to an end. For me, it was the opposite. It is not that I was excited to be in a desk for hours on end listening to lectures, but that I could get school supplies. I love school supplies! I have not a clue why… For me, it’s better than a candy store… (More healthy too, I suppose).

    (My latest blog post is Things I Love Thursday as well)

  3. I love seeing brand new crayons. I remember being a crayon nazi when I was little. I always wanted to keep them looking new.
    Maybe sharon is on to something, because I also became a teacher…

  4. School supplies are beyond the best. I just wish the kids didn’t use them……they’re so much better sitting in a beautiful pile, unbroken and perfect.

  5. I LOVE new school supplies too…they just feel like a fresh start!

  6. Thanks for hosting the fun! BLessings.

    Read my post at:

    I have started a meme called 5 Things Friday. Join in this week and bring all your bloggy friends!

    I write to encourage Moms to stay at the task. Stop by any time. BLessings.

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