Wordless Wednesday/ You Capture!


     Or maybe not quite so wordless.  *wink*  Am I ever?   LOL

     On our trip to AL for the 4th of July we came to this:

     We drive a 3/4 ton van.  Ms. Serious (12) started voicing her concerns pretty much immediately.  The lack of sides really worried her. 

     Here is the bridge up close:

     When Mr. Muscles stopped so I could take this shot:

Oooooohhh.  Aaaahhhhh.

… I noticed this shape in the water below us.

see it?

     I am wondering if this is the sign that reads- No Ginormous Vans on This Little Bridge With No Sides!  Hmmmm?

     For more You Capture! pop over to I Should Be Folding Laundry, and for more WW head over to 5 Min for Mom.

God bless,



39 responses to “Wordless Wednesday/ You Capture!

  1. Fantastic photographs. That bridge does not look as though it could hold a van.

  2. Yikes! I’d be making my hubs find another bridge!

    Great photos though-looks like a beautiful area!

  3. lol on the side. And I’d feel alittle iffy with no sides too. Yikes!

  4. We have lots of wooden bridges like that in my neck of the woods! Great shots. I loved the sign in the water. heh heh heh

    Come sit with us on Some Beach!

  5. Ack! I’d be holding my breath I think the whole time lol… glad it held up okay 🙂 Happy W/W

  6. Great photo’s! I could so see you photo’s in a magazine! Happy WW!

  7. I would be terrified of the bridge giving way! I’m a total scardy cat.

  8. Your photos are gorgeous!

  9. Let me ask you. Did you hear banjos while sittin’ on that bridge? Beautiful shots!!! Worth the risk of rickety old bridges or banjo carrying AL rednecks. (They may have even been some of my cousins!) 🙂

    Happy WW!

  10. Amazing photos. But I am with Ms.Serious, I would be terrified!

  11. That is a cool little bridge. Hope you got across ok.

    Happy WW!

  12. WOW I’m not so sure I would drive on that thing! Beautiful photos!

  13. So!!! What did you do?! LOL
    The bridge looks pretty cool, but I think I’d even be apprehensive to WALK across it!

    Beautiful photos. 🙂

  14. Those are some great shots!!

  15. wow. i don’t know if i would have gone over that bridge:)

  16. He STOPPED on the middle of the bridge? 😉 Great shots! 🙂

    Happy WW! 🙂

  17. Beautiful pictures. 🙂

  18. I bet that’s EXACTLY what that sign said! That or maybe “Danger -Do Not Cross! THIS BRIDGE HAS HAS NO SIDES, YOU FOOL!”

  19. Love the pictures. I would have been holding my breath all the way across that bridge, LOL>

  20. Cool pics. Wonder what the sign said. I might feel a little nervous going over that.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy WW!

  21. Wow. Not sure I would have trusted the bridge. 😉

  22. Must have been that pitch that held you up. LOL Great shots.

  23. HAHA! So did you cross???

  24. cool pictures WOW hope thats not what the sign said LOL

  25. I think I might have been in chorus with Ms. Serious. 🙂 Neat old bridge though. I can see why it would hard to resist! Great shots!

  26. Mary at Musingsofthesixties

    I love your photos and I love that bridge. We had to cross one like it to visit my grandparents when I was a child and I prayed every time we came to it. Nice job spotting and capturing shapes in beautiful photos.

  27. Looks like you were on quite an adventure! Nice shapes for You Capture!

  28. Wordless? Yeah, me neither! 🙂 I LOVE, love your first shot!! So did you get across OK, or did you turn around?

  29. Great shots and hilarious story!

  30. muahahaha, you’re funny!

    love the first picture! great perspective!

  31. Ha! Nice captures.

  32. Great shots! Glad you made it across safely

  33. Those are great shots! Bridges like that scare me!

  34. what a bridge! I love how it looks all charred in the close-up.

  35. I think I would have gotten out and walked across…LOL!

  36. yeah, i want me some sides on my bridges :). great eye there finding that shape in the creek! creative and fun :O)

    i didn’t post this week, but feel free to come on over and visit anyway :O)

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