Body After Baby- Update #1


     This is my first update post for Body After Baby.   I introduced my just-had-my-seventh-child-8-weeks-ago self last week.  I hope you were not scared away.  🙂  

     Now that my incision has healed enough to actually exercise I am happy to get back into a workout routine.  I have to take it easy for the first 3-4 weeks and build my routine up gradually. 

     I am starting with a daily basic workout including: body dips using a chairleg lifts on both sides and backdead lifts (this works your tush really well), lat pull-downs, a stomach muscle exercise I came up with years ago and full body stretches. 

     My goal is to strengthen and tone my arms, tone my back, lose the fat from my thighs and tush and tone them, and to work my stomach muscles back into shape. 

     I have to do a better job of jump starting my metabolism by eating breakfast.  Sometimes I get into too much of a hurry with my schedule that I will walk out the door without eating.  Not good. 

     I went through my closet (just like I said I would do).  I got rid of so many things that just did not fit me correctly.  Wearing clothing that does not fit correctly just makes you look frumpy and overweight.   Purging my closet was one of the steps that is taking me toward a better self image.  No matter how good you look on the outside, if you don’t see it, it is not there.  I want to like myself no matter what my size! 

     Now if I could just say no to Starbucks!  *hanging my head in shame*

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Fully Relying on God,


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3 responses to “Body After Baby- Update #1

  1. You are so inspiring! I wanna come meet you. 😉 How’s today? LOL
    It’s always been hard for me to lose the weight after a pregnancy. (& I’ve only been pregnant 3 times so far)

    I recently started doing Jillian Michaels’ Shred workout. TOUGH, but I’m loving it. I especially love it because it’s short-about 25 minutes, but I am seeing results and changes. Score!

    Maybe you get this a lot, but how do you find the time w/ 7 kids? Some days it’s a challenge for me to find the time w/ just 2!

  2. Congratulations on baby number 7. They keep you hopping don’t they?

  3. wow! 7! I can barely get through my day with 2!

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