Thirsty Thursday- Getting Together and Getting Out There



     Joy’s fantastic homeschooling post about socialization is a perfect fit and set up for my post for this Thirsty Thursday.

     Everyone is always talking socialization.  So what do we about it?  In our family we do a lot, and so can you!

     Sports programs are excellent ways for your children to get out there.  My Ms. Serious (12) participated in the Upwards sports program at our church.  She did cheerleading in late winter/ early spring, and she played basketball after that.  She loved it and made many new friends!   Not to mention she learned new skills.  Ms. Lovebug (6) will be doing cheerleading and Young Man (10) will be playing flag football starting in August.   Our Ms. Firecracker is now a USAG level 5 competing gymnast, and she has been in gymnastics less than 2 years!  It all started with a homeschool class at a local gym.

     More sports:  our homeschooling group has an Unusual Sports day.  It is one day a week, or a month, that our group gets together and learns a new sport.  Things like croquet, bocci ball, tennis and horseshoes.  Start one of these with your homeschooling group, and pick the sports you like and know.

     Photography club.  Ms. Serious (12) has just joined our groups’ photography club.  They get together once a month to present the club with their assignment photos.  They also work in teams during the meeting to photograph subjects that follow the theme chosen for that meeting.   They learn how to compose a strong picture.

     Park days.  All of my children love park days.   You can set up a day for local homeschoolers to meet at a park for a few hours.  The kids get to play, visit with their friends, and we often take the time to give to our community by cleaning up the park.

     Library Days.  A great chance for the kids to get together with friends, meet new people and find out about different programs offered by your local library.  We have joined several of these programs including:  arts and crafts, music, reading and drama.

     Field trips.  We have a very open homeschool group, and anyone can put together a field trip.  I have organized field trips to local Civil War Battlefield parks, local state parks, local fire departments and local museums.  The kids and the parents have a blast getting together, and we all get to learn something!

     There are many opportunities to get involved in your community and with your local homeschool group or families.  Parents and children alike get to meet a variety new people, try new things, experience new things, learn and help others.  Take a breath and step out! 

     For more Thirsty Thursday- head over to Five J’s and check out what is happening.

Fully Relying on God,


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One response to “Thirsty Thursday- Getting Together and Getting Out There

  1. This upcoming year for us is going to be busy! We’ve never really been involved in a lot outside of our normal school day because of my piano teaching schedule and for the fact we have only one vehicle. But this next year we’ll have guitar lessons, art lessons, writing lessons, and science classes out of the home. It’ll be quite a challenge for us!

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