Wordless Wednesday and You Capture!

Here is our adorable and tiny Ms. Independent (4) enjoying a juicy piece of watermelon on the 4th of July.

Your turn!  Check out You Capture!  and Wordless Wednesday for more great pics.

God bless,



14 responses to “Wordless Wednesday and You Capture!

  1. Definitely patriotic! Great shot!

  2. Adorable. She makes it look SO good.

  3. Mary at Musingsofthesixties

    What a great food shot! Not only does she make it look oh so delicious but the color is pure “4th of July”.

  4. I love a good piece of watermelon! She looks like she’s really enjoying it! Nice shot!!!!

  5. Oh my, I love a piece of watermelon and I love that pic! Great job

  6. Aw! The essence of summer. 😉

  7. ha, love the Miss Independent age 4 IRONICALLY on Independence day the 4th…

    yeah. ok, I’m a dork.

    love the picture, love the watermelon!

  8. Your “capture” looks yummy!

  9. Not sure which looks sweeter, the girl or the watermelon! Great photo!

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