Things I Love Thursday

     Our school year has started, and that means I am in full homeschooling mode.  I am buzzing around getting each child’s curriculum organized and on their shelf.  

     This is how I came across what I want to share with you for my TILT post.  You do not have to homeschool for this post to be relevant, so keep reading!

     I wanted to share our handwriting series with you.  I love using A Reason for Handwriting!  I love their format.  I love their layout.  I love the tips they give for mastering each letter.  I love the coloring pages.  I love this bookin particular.   This is what Ms. Lovebug (6) will be using this year. 

     This one of the series is called Transition.  It transitions your child from writing in manuscript to cursive.  Each lesson can last one week, or less if you like.  My kids love the coloring page for practicing their handwriting.  My Ms. Serious (12), Young Man (10) and Ms. Firecracker (8 ) have all used this series and loved it.  They are upset they have progressed through all of the books.  LOL 

     The A Reason for Handwriting Books start with Kindergarten aged children and goes through Book F, which is 6th grade.  These books had/ have my kids looking forward to handwriting every day.  Yay!   Whether you homeschool, are prepping your child for public school, or just want to help your child improve their handwriting, this series is great for all of it!

     See why they are my TILT?!  For more great TILT’s pop over to The Diaper Diaries and check ’em out. 

Fully Relying on God,


     I did not get paid for this or anything like that.  I just use and love these books. 

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6 responses to “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I’m not a home-schooling mom and that sounds like a great resource to have at home. Thanks for posting it!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I went out and ordered it last night after I originally saw your post. Looking forward to using it with my daughter.

  3. I used that series when I was in school! I also loved that they updated it and I got to use it when I was teaching Kindergarten. They have a great memory verse practice. Do you know if they have a preK version?
    Staci @ teaching money to kids

  4. Thanks for sharing … sounds like a great resource!

  5. I use these books also and LOVE them!!

  6. Wow, that is very interesting to me. I need to check it out cause even though my kids are in private school, they could still use help in this area. Great resource!!

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