Body after baby

     What do I think about my body after baby?  Two words.  Oh, crap.  Seriously.

     I know that it is all a part of having children, that I should love my body, and that eventually I will be able to wear my clothes again.  That doesn’t make me feel any better when I look in the mirror.  My eyes are drawn right to my belly that looks like a deflated giant balloon, my hips with all of their stored fat, the extra cheeks I have on my derierre and the bags under my eyes from not getting enough restful sleep.  I know it is not the best thing to say, but I am being very honest here.

     Now, I am trying to change.   I am not talking about what I see (I am already working on that), but rather the way I see it.  I no longer want to bring myself down by focusing on the fact my body is not in the shape it was in at 20 or even 25.   (I am now 33 with 7 children from 7 weeks to 12 years.)

     I am working to adjust my attitude to look more toward that old adage about fine wine.  I am getting better with age, and that is so true.  I am taking better care of myself.  I eat very healthy and work out on a regular basis.  I know who I am on the inside, and I have not only become comfortable with that, but also learned to appreciate who God made me to be.

     This is not an easy thing to do.   I have never had a very high self esteem, and trying to point out positives in my body seems very egotistical.  I know it is not egotistical.  It just seems that way.  It is okay to think good things about yourself.  In fact, it is healthy to do so.  Now, I just have to get comfortable with that.  And I will, one step at a time.

     A second, and a big, way I am working on is to get rid of all of my unflattering clothing.   It is hard to appreciate your body, and the way you look, when what you see in the mirror is clothed in something that looks like a sack, pulls in the wrong places, is too tight, and/or is flat worn out and lacking shape.   This makes you look bigger than you are.  I will be left with little to choose from, but it is better than the clothing taking up space in my closet and tempting me to wear it. 

     Here I am 7 weeks after having our 7th child. 


     It’s not pretty folks.  (Sorry the pics are dark.  Rushed to get them on here)   The pics show that I have a lot of work to do.  Especially in the hip, thigh, tush areas.  Each week I will post pics, and I hope they will get better looking each time.  LOL  Just keeping it real!  I weigh 155.8 pounds and am still maternity jeans.  My goal?  Back down to 140 pounds and back in my 4/6’s. 

     I hope you will join me as I work to not only shape up the outside, but also as I improve the inside.   I will share about my diet changes and routines, my daily workout schedule, my attitude adjustments and anything else that I think is relevant to getting back into shape and improving my view of myself. 

     For more on great Body After Baby posts pop over to Mama Notes and check ’em out.

     Speaking of getting healthy, I am having a Healthy Supplement Giveaway.  Please check it out. 

Fully Relying on God,



9 responses to “Body after baby

  1. “Deflated balloon,” yup. That’s just what my belly feels/looks like. I try to focus on feeling grateful to my belly for housing my daughter all those months. That helps a little.

    Good luck in your efforts! I love the BAB challenge. The accountability is helpful!

  2. I’m only 20 weeks pregnant with my first (not even half way done!) and I already have stretch marks and a popping belly button and veins all over my tummy…who knew??

  3. Jennifer Hamitlon

    WOW! I think you look awesome for having your 7th seven weeks ago! Good luck and have fun!

  4. erm, Rhen does this mean *I* have to do this with you?
    By Rhen- Um, yeah!!

  5. Seriously, you look awesome for just having had a baby! And you’re 7th at that? WTG!!!

  6. Congrats on teh new additon and good luck!

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  8. I agree! You look great! I hope I can do as well if I get that far. I am 38 with 5 children, the newest one is just 4 months old. But they do keep us busy don’t they?!

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