This little piggy went to market and…

….this little piggy got a make over.

     Actually 14 piggies got make overs.

     The piggies belong to myself, my mom (Granny), Ms. Serious (12), Ms. Firecracker (8 ), Ms. Lovebug (6), Ms. Independent (4) and Ms. Giggles (2). 

     While on vacation in June we did a lot of driving and stayed over night at a hotel.  The kids always have a blast staying at a hotel.  The littles are especially excited by the whole hotel thing.  I remember considering it oh-so-exciting when I was a kid.  LOL    I think mine are crazy about the big breakfasts they get while there. 

     We went swimming, stayed up a little later than we should have, and we (all of the girls) did our toenails.  Our girls are not yet allowed to wear nail polish, but I did decide to decorate everyone’s big toe with nail stickers.   Oh my goodness the ruckus over the stickers was hilarious.  I cannot tell you how many times I had to warn someone they were about to run into a wall or something because they kept walking around admiring the cuteness of their toes. 

     I do have to admit, they are the cutest toes ever!  It was not easy finding stickers to fit Ms. Giggles (2) tiny little toe nails.  Her toes are so little, yet chubby!  🙂 

     I have had to replace the stickers several times for some of them.  Two of the girls lost theirs at the waterpark we went to in the Dells.  I think I have created 5 toe nail sticker monsters!  LOL 

     It is a good thing they are so easy to put on.  A quick, but totally fun, girl thing to do with my girlies.  Yay!

    God bless,



4 responses to “This little piggy went to market and…

  1. My girls love to get the toenails painted, I’ve even done Bella’s once already, lol. We usually do red white and blue toes for the Fourth, but didn’t have time this year.

  2. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!! And I got to see them in person!!

  3. Too cute!! 🙂 I so knew what foot belonged to each of you. 🙂 Darn I am good 🙂

  4. THAT is adorable!!!

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