That’s a new one!

     Being a mom of 7 children I get asked a lot of questions.  Some of the questions are stupid.  Flat out.  Some of them are understandable.  Some of them are a little personal.  And some of them are just plain funny.

     Let me set the stage for you.  I am at the grocery store.  All of the kids and Mr. Muscles are with me.  We have 3 buggies of food we are purchasing to eat for the next two weeks.  I am paying for said food when the young lady at the check out looked at me and asked, “Do you have a summer camp?” 

     I guess the competely confused look on my face led her to clarify.  At that point she said, “I just thought with all the food, and all of the kids, that you guys have a summer camp.”

     Guess what my response was.


     Yep, you guessed it!  I said, “They are all mine.”  🙂

     That was a new one for me. 

     I laughed about that every time it crossed my mind for the rest of the day. 

     I am still laughing.

     Summer Camp.  Hahahahahahahahaha



5 responses to “That’s a new one!

  1. HaHaHa!! That is so funny. I would have loved to see her face. I’ve been asked if I had a day care before.

  2. LOL!!!! That is SO funny!!!! I bet the woman must have felt stupid after saying it. I guess it taught to think about what she is saying first.

  3. Summer Camp?….Ooo, I didn’t know you had a summer camp!…Can I send my kids to you?!

  4. OMG Can you imagine if we had gone anywhere like that when ya’ll were here??? I’m surprised the Cracker Barrel people didn’t look at us strange, but we had enough adults for it to be families I suppose 😉

  5. And most summer camp owners don’t take the kids with them when they go shopping… 😉

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