Me? Running?

     I saw a woman running the other day. 

     It made me think.

     There are only two things that would make me run.

          1.  Someone/ something I don’t want to catch me is chasing me.

          2.  There is something in front of me that is covered with chocolate and it is running away from me.

     Don’t get me wrong.  I have great respect and admiration for people who run.  I think ya’ll are just either picturing something/ someone chasing you or there is something that is chocolate covered in front of you. 

     My husband had to add his reason I don’t run.  I don’t want a black eye.  Haha.  That was so funny I forgot to laugh.  🙂 


Do you run?  




5 responses to “Me? Running?

  1. I used to… ran cross country for 4 years in high school and for the most part I did enjoy it. Now it’s too hard on my knees.

  2. I ran away from the chocolate. Nice blog you have. Enjoyed it.

  3. Run——NO WAY!!!! Unless they are the above reasons you mentioned OR one of my children or hubby was in trouble there is no way these too feet would run : )-

  4. LOl! That’s how I feel so much of the time! Hey with almost 6 kids under 11 I”m running after someone all day! 🙂

    I love the title of your page! “yes, they’re all mine!” I have to say that to someone everytime I go somewhere, but it never gets old. I’m so proud to have a big family! Anyway, love your blog!

  5. #3 Being late

    That’s about it – I run around a little for fun, but actual running for exercise?? I’m thinking there have to be ways to lose weight dancing, but I still remain unmotivated. Or too tired and busy.

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