It’s my freezer and I’ll cry if I want to.

     We just got back Sunday night from vacation.  We drove almost a 1000 miles up, several hundred miles while there, and almost a 1000 miles back with all 7 kids.  Ms. Dimples, at 5 weeks old, did such a good job traveling.

     After driving all day for two days we finally get home.  Let me tell you that you never want come home after a long trip to a house with a funky smell.  Yuck!

     Mr. Muscles was the one who found the source. 

     It was our big chest freezer.  *Insert gasp of horror here.*

     Before we left he turned off several breakers to keep from using power while we weren’t here.  Apparently our freezer was on one of those.  It was a total surprise to him.  He checked the light on the freezer after he turned off the breakers to make sure the freezer had power.  It was still on.   The whole light-was-on-but-freezer-didn’t-work  issue made for great confusion.  🙂 

     Just to make sure it was not the freezer we put a glass of water in there to freeze and stay frozen for several days.  After 5 days of frozen water in a glass I am feeling confident that the freezer is not at fault here. 

     Mr. Muscles and Young Man (10) were the lucky ones to clean it out.  They bagged up everything, and completely cleaned out and disinfected the freezer.   It was a gross job.  I am glad I didn’t have to do it.   LOL 

     What got to me was the fact we had lost well over $200 worth of food.  Not to mention all of the frozen fruit and veggies we had put up.  Ugh!!!  That peeved me a wee bit.  As you can imagine.  Now I have the expensive task of replacing all of that food.  Not going to be an easy thing considering we just got back from vacation.  

     Thank goodness God provides! 

     Now, is this all of the info I am going to share about my vacation?  No!  I have tons more to tell ya’ll.  And I have pictures too!  I just plan on spreading it out instead of blasting ya with a mile long post.  See how sweet I am?   Dripping with sugar ya’ll.  *wink*  LOL

Until later,



4 responses to “It’s my freezer and I’ll cry if I want to.

  1. I feel for you!!! Something like this happened to us, but there was only 2 of us at the time.

    Glad to hear you had a great vacation.

  2. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Rhen!!!!! YUCK!!! Poor Mr. Muscles tho!!! *hugs* Glad ya’ll made it home safe and sound!!

  3. Our meat in our freezer was covered by home owners policy….you might check it out if you had a lot in there. I’m sorry to hear this happened!! Bad meat smells worse than a dead body…lol. Not that I would know about that…thinking along the lines of dead animals…tee hee.

  4. Our power went out the other night for 5 hours- enough time to make the food in the fridge questionable, but the freezer food was okay… I was thinking about using my AmEx from now on to buy all food, then if something like this happened, they might cover? Also, I had a stand alone freezer at one point that had a reserve power thing going on so even if the power was cut off, it (and it’s light) continued to run for a short time. Maybe that’s what happened to yours??? I’m so sorry that this happened- I am completely feeling your pain!

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