WFMW- Steamin’ it up!

     I have such a cool WFMW tip share with ya’ll courtesy of the two iconic cleaning ladies from England (via the spectacular show “How Clean Is Your House)!

     This tip is two-fold for your bathroom mirror.   Using shaving cream to clean your bathroom mirror not only will get it absolutely sparkling, but it will also keep your mirror from fogging up during showers.  How cool is that?!  It not only fascinated me, but it also had the kids completely enthralled.  What can I say?  They are cheap dates.  LOL  JK!  

     Anywho, not only is it a great WFMW tip, but is also something pretty neat to show the youngin’s.  🙂 

     Got a tip to share, or just looking for great tidbits?  Head over to We Are That Family and join in!




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