Old School Bowling

     One of the things the kids really wanted to do is go bowling with their grandparents.  Hey, I’m game.  I think our whole family loves to bowl.  So, yesterday was a day of bowling and shopping. 

     The wonderful Garmin lead us straight to a bowling alley.  Out of the 60’s.  We walked in the kids asked, “Where are the screens?” and “How are we supposed to keep score?”.  Easy.  It is called a piece of paper ad a pencil.  LOL

     We had a great time.  It was really interesting to watch the ball suddenly twist, turn and contort as it found the well worn grooves in the floor.   There was no telling what it was going to do after you rolled it down the lane.

     The ball return was a unique contraption.  The ball would come barreling down a rail right at you.  Then, the momentum it had gained would force it up on to a “ball catcher”.  The “ball catcher” had a really neat arm that would catch the ball and slowly release it onto the rack.  The whole contraption was open.  As in no cover, and the littles were fascinated by it.  The arm that caught the ball would often stick.  So, when the next ball would come flying down the rail and up it would hit the one already there then go flying back the other way.  We had to be “on the ball”  LOLOLOL or there would be a traffic jam and the rail would fill up with bowling balls.  I am glad to say that no one lost a finger, though Ms. Giggles (2) about lost some toes when she was trying to help carry the bowling balls.  Yikes!

     Building memories and bowling old school style. 

     Yes, I saved the score card that shows where some of my children kicked my butt.  I have an excuse though.  I had to bowl like an old lady.  My newly healed incision wouldn’t let me do anything except walk up to the line and gently roll the ball down, but I did get a strike.  Woo Hoo!

Fully Relying on God,



One response to “Old School Bowling

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!!!

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