Learning new and useful skills

     I am such a good mom.  I am teaching my children new and useful skills.   You know, skills that will take them far in life and never let them down.  Skills like breaking and entering.  LOL

     Granted, their first breaking and entering was into their grandparents house that we got locked out of.  But still! 

     Ah, the usefulness of small children going through open windows. 

     So, did you teach your children anything new today?

Fully Relying on God,



4 responses to “Learning new and useful skills

  1. Ha! Ha!
    Funnily enough we had to do that at our church conference!
    We were given the wrong code to the door and couldn’t get in, until I realized Phoebe could fit through the window!

  2. o.O Breaking and entering…hehehe

  3. rofl. I’ve taught my kids how to do that too. At our house & at the grandparents. It’s a highly useful skill that will get them far in life. Especially if they ever have 2yr olds who lock (you out &) themselves in. lol.

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