Tackle It Tuesday- I’m making progress!!

     My bathroom countertop, drawer and top cabinet had gotten on my last nerve, and they became the focus of my Tackle it Tuesday. 

     Between hubs and the kids stuff was everywhere!  I have no idea how children can get toothpaste all over everything. 

     Here is the countertop before.

     Here is the countertop after.

     Here is the sink drawer before. 

     Here is the sink drawer after.  I threw away a bunch of junk!

     I did not take a picture of the cabinet before.  I had not intended on doing it, but it just called to me.  I had to answer.  I also threw away a whole bunch of stuff from up here.  This cabinet was so bad that every time you opened the doors stuff would fall on you.  Every time you touched something in there stuff would fall on you.  That can be a tad aggravating. 

     I love how organized and easy to get to everything is.  It makes finding stuff so much easier.  LOL  Who da thunk it? 

     What have you tackled?  To join in or be inspired visit Tackle it Tuesday at 5 Min for Mom.



9 responses to “Tackle It Tuesday- I’m making progress!!

  1. Great job! Everything looks nice.

  2. Very nice! I don’t know how children can get toothepaste everywhere either. Oiy! Blessings to you.

  3. Ooo yes. I love it. Want to nip round and do the same over here? Love your tootsies too.

  4. Looks fantastic! My kids get toothpaste everywhere too, I’m not sure how they manage to do it!

  5. Great job with everything!

  6. It looks really great! I think anywhere that people have some counter space, it just begs for stuff to be put there. I know that’s how it is in our kitchen! Augh!

  7. Fabulous! I have been doing the same, I just keep forgetting to take pictures.
    It feels so great to unclutter, doesn’t it?

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