Sweet little baby breath

See what I see when I go to bed. 

Isn’t she the cutest?  Our last three babies (including our newest, Ms. Dimples 3 weeks) sleep/ have slept with us. 

I lay and watch her sleep.  I watch her little chest rise up and down.   I pray that God continues to watch over her.

Little gas bubbles make her smile so sweetly.   She makes all kinds of faces when she is dreaming.  I wonder what she is dreaming about. 

I wish I had known about co-sleeping with our older kids.   I would have loved to had the snuggle time with them as babies. 

As I breathe in her sweet little breath, I just want to munch her up. 

Toes like these just beg to munched.  Don’t you think?!

I work on memorizing her face and soaking her up.

Watching her grow so quickly makes me step back and take more time to hug on my older kids. 

They are all growing up way too fast!

Fully Relying on God,


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6 responses to “Sweet little baby breath

  1. I love co-sleeping and wouldn’t have it any other way. I never considered it before my first was born, but he simpley refused to stop crying and sleep unless we were holding him or he was beside us (and the bassinet didn’t cut it). So three days into motherhood I became a co-sleeper. I’m so glad that I learned early.

    By Rhen- What an absolute blessing. I love co-sleeping as well!

  2. WOOT! I love sweet little baby toes!!! Such a blessing! I coslept with mine for the first few days and then when they would sleep in longer stretches they’d start in the crib and come to bed with us when they woke up hungry

  3. Oh she is so sweet!! I just love watching my babies sleep. Big Sister (used to be Baby Sister) sleeps with us in the mornings. She goes to bed in her crib and moves in with us in the AM. And I love it!!! I love snuggling with her everyday. She just curls up with me and sleeps in my arms. How wonderful it is to see her little chest rising and falling.

  4. So incredibly sweet! I love co-sleeping. I did it with all three of mine. The snuggle time is sp precious. You are so blessed!

  5. Opps! I wrote that previous comment. I was accidently signed in as my husband! Beautiful pictures 🙂

  6. When I had my DS11, I read an article about co-sleeping that really made sense to me. It stated that the baby remembered to breathe when they felt/heard you breathe! So, it made me feel safer against SIDS, etc YET, I am on my first baby, DS5mths that I can’t sleep with. He does not sleep well with me. I had to place him in his crib in a seperate room because he was a all night booby shark if he laid beside me! I love night time nursing but this is the roughest one I have had on the boobs…so, now we actually sleep much better apart! I just nursed him at 1am in front of the computer and placed him back to bed! I LOVE BABIES!!

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