It’s a miracle I tell ya!

     Yes, we have had miracles abounding around our house. 

     Our newest miracle is adorable and growing strong.  She is such a good baby, but she is not the only miracle.

     What kind of miracle?  A potty training miracle, and anyone who is or has potty trained knows big miracles can happen with the whole potty business!!

     A few weeks before Ms Dimples (2 1/2 weeks) was born I introduced Ms. Giggles (2) to the potty.  She was already telling me right before or right at the moment of having “to go”.   I was able to get her to use her potty a couple of times.  She thought that was very cool in a not-so-sure-of-what-is-going-on way.   She even pooed in her potty.  That took some consoling that she was doing a good thing.    After several accidents on the floor and her not being all that interested anymore in using the potty, I decided to put off potty training until after the new baby got here and I could really focus.  (It can be so difficult to clean up potty accidents when you are 9 months pregnant and huge!!)

     Sometime during my last week to week and a half of pregnancy (all over-due days!) Ms. Giggles (2) decided that she was going to potty train herself.  And she did.  She had to go, took off her diaper and went potty.  She has been doing it since then.  She gets up in to morning and changes into her big girl panties.  She only wears diapers when sleeping. 

     We went to the library yesterday and she did all of her business on the potty!  She loves to celebrate each and every time she goes, and I am there celebrating right along with her.  How can I not?

     I have 3 words for you Ms. Giggles (2).  YOU GO GIRL!!!!

     She has been the easiest to train so far.  Our son was the hardest, and Ms. Independent (4) took the longest. 

     So, is the potty training world a breeze for you or a nightmare?  LOL

Fully Relying on God,



2 responses to “It’s a miracle I tell ya!

  1. I’ve had two ‘breezes’ who practically potty trained themselves, and one 2 1/2 year old who knows exactly what to do but insists on pooping in her pants EVERY day. Can you tell I’m frustrated?! The goal was to have her potty-trained before this new baby get here but with only three weeks left I don’t think we’re going to make it. Oh well, maybe she’ll get it before she goes to high school!

  2. Hooray for the easy potty training. Hooray for Ms. Giggles!
    For us, each kid has been different. My oldest was the hardest and took the longest and he was the oldest in age when we potty trained. The others have been much, much easier. Perhaps because they had a big sibling to show them the way. I’ve got one more kid to potty train and we’ll start thinking about that in about a year. Summer is my favorite time to potty train. Less clothes are needed and they are lighter and easier for little toddlers to remove.

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