You think I do what?

     A few myths I travel the world debunking.

     Ok, I do not travel all that much, and most of the debunking is done close to home.  But still!

Myth #1-  With all of those kids you must get up really early!

     Um, no.  It is only on rare occasion that I know what it looks like before 7 am.  My preference is 7:30 am.  My kids’ preferences are usually around 9 am.  LOL  They wish!

Myth #2- You have a lots of kids and you homeschool?   You must be really patient!  – The patience myth is also singularly applied to having several children and to homeschooling.   

     Again with the answer, “no!”  🙂  Patience is not one of my qualities.  It really isn’t.  I even yelled at the gas pump for telling to wait on my receipt.  The lady next to me looked at me like I was crazy, but I had been told over and over again to wait all day long.  I was fed up by then!

Myth #3-  You must have come from a large family. 

     People from small families are not allowed to have large families?  LOL  It was just me and my sister.  I have a large extended family, but military life does not let you really grow up around them. 

Myth #4-  With all of those kids you must be a very organized person.

     LOLOLOL  It is only recently that I have started to persue the whole organization thing.  That decision came because of my survival instincts.  🙂  I am a packrat who has always thrived in organized chaos.  I have really learned to control the packrat in me.  Because organization does not come naturally to me (you should see my Dad’s house) I have really had to study, research and learn by fire (sometimes the fire thing is a “so to speak” thing and sometimes it is a real fire in the firepit.  Because it is fun LOL).  Things are getting better, but I would not want a professional organizer to walk through.  *grin*

     See?  There I go debunking!  🙂  

     Any myths seem to follow you wherever you go?  

Fully Relying on God,



3 responses to “You think I do what?

  1. I get “You must be busy” a lot (I have four girls under 5.) I guess we are, but we sure are home a lot more and do a lot less running around than most people I know with only a couple kids!

  2. Ha ha!! I love it – I hear the patience thing all the time since I run a daycare – until next week I do anyway 🙂

  3. Your hands must be full! (I have twin 2 year olds) They do keep me busy, but I also have a lot of down time while they nap.

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