I Didn’t Get the Email

     Have I ever told ya’ll that God is good?  Well, I am going to tell ya again!

     In fact, “good” cannot begin to describe Him.  It reminds me of the song “26 Letters” by Steven Curtis Chapman.  The piddly 26 letters in our alphabet cannot form the words, sentences or paragraphs that could do justice to a description of God. 

     Stepping out in faith is hard.  Very hard.  Especially if the only clue God has given you is to step out

     Our house is listed on the market right now.  Where are we going from here?  Dunno.  Unfortunately God does not email me daily, weekly or even monthly updates telling me what He has planned.  I only get that info a little bit at a time.  In His time.   Being that patience is not one of my qualities, at all, that makes things a little harder.  Mr. Muscles could not be qualified as all that much of a “Mr. Patience” himself.  LOL

     God is faithful in this as well.  Mr. Muscles and I never nosedive into the ground at the same time.  When one of us is struggling with uncertainty, and has big questions about what God wants us to do, He uses the other one to bring him/her back up.  We are never left floundering. 

     When people ask about how things are going selling the house I always tell them it is good.  No, we have not had anyone to look yet.  That is ok.  God knows me.  God knows His timing.  God is very merciful not to send 20, 30 or more people to look at our house when they are not the ones who He has to buy it.  I get really stressed trying to make everything perfect, and trying to make it look like there are not 8 (almost 9) people living here.  🙂  God knows this and is wonderful not to subject me to it.  We know that when it is the right time God will sell this house and help us to know exactly where He wants to go.   Until then, things are going good.  No negative feedback, and we are getting lots of great projects completed.  Someone will be buying a great house with awesome property!

     Some days are good.  Some days are hard.  God is always there so I can lean on Him, and sometimes flat out fully rely on Him.   For that I am truly grateful.  Still, I wouldn’t mind an email from Him now and then.  LOL

Fully Relying on God,



6 responses to “I Didn’t Get the Email

  1. Bless you. Our house is on the market and has been since November. I’m not sure what God’s timing is in this, but we trust him.

  2. I could stand an email or two myself. Especially when I am caught in an I don’t know what to do situation like we are in now. Plus a very uncertain decision we made (I have to wait until tomorrow to blog about it – IRL people in need to know first) is about to go through and I would love an email letting me know we did the right thing. Ah well, they don’t call it faith for nothing. 🙂

  3. Lorraine Smith

    I hear you. Right now Eric’s job is in limbo and we have no idea what the future holds. We don’t have a dime in the bank and know it will be at least 4 weeks before getting an unemployment check once his current job ends (in about a month). It’s easy to get anxious and depressed, but we know it is all part of God’s plan for us. I sure wouldn’t mind the occasional e-mail from Him telling us it will be alright, but we know it will be.

  4. so I’m curious… why are you selling your house if you don’t know where you’re going?

  5. Um…if God emails you will you please respond and let Him know that my email hasn’t changed at all? *grins*

  6. No, He doesn’t email, I’ve been waiting 24 years and not even a phone call! But I have been told that He keeps my picture on His refrigerator. lol : 0 )

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