Speaking of Jon and Kate plus 8…

     You would not believe how many of my conversations start out that way.  LOL  Not because I mention them (or the Duggar or the Hayes families), but because the other person does.   

     It turns out that, other than on tv, we are the large family that so many people know.   How can this be?  I know of at least 15 families in the very near vicinity with 4 or more kids.  Surely someone else knows them!    🙂  That does not even begin to include the larger families we know from living in other states, from homeschooling, from blogging and traveling.   We meet new ones all the time.  That is always fun.  🙂

     Does this bother me?  Of course not.  I get tickled every time I am in a conversation and someone tells me that they were talking about us recently.  They were in a conversation about the large families on tv and they got to say, “Hey!  I know someone is due very soon with their 7th!  Can you imagine.  7???”.  They do follow that statement with an apology or something to keep me from feeling bad or insulted.  My laughing soon gives away that I am not at all offended.   How can I be?   We love our family and our family size.  We have been very blessed that no one has ever been outright mean, hateful or ignorant.  We get a lot of questions about the logistics of our family.  How do we manage extracurricular activities?  How do handle chores?  How do we handle the laundry?  How do we handle the noise level?  LOL 

     I really enjoy answering all of the different kinds of questions we get about our family.  While it is difficult for some people to imagine, it is every day life for me.  Sometimes explaining things is like trying to tell someone without children how their life will change once they have children.  Some things have to be experienced.  Even if it as a guest! 

     I do not wake up thinking about how difficult my day could be because of the amount I put in it.  I wake up ready to see what blessings God is going to bring, what interesting things the kids are going to say, and what adventures could be peeking around the corner. 

     How about your family?  Is everyday an adventure or something to make it through?  I pray it is an adventure!

Fully Relying on God,



4 responses to “Speaking of Jon and Kate plus 8…

  1. I admit, sometimes it’s just something to get through. 😦 I’m a pessimist it seems and that doesn’t help.

    But just so you know… my uncle was one of 15 kids (he was like 2nd I think) and I worked with a guy a few summers back who was 7th of 15!

    With us preparing to have #6, I can relate. My oldest plays baseball for the high school varsity baseball team and the other 2 boys play for the town’s baseball team. We seem to be the biggest family that people know. I find this funny because in my circle of homeschooling friends we are average.

    I could never have imagined when I just had one having 6. But I do love it! I guess what people don’t understand it that I didn’t wake up one day and just have 6 children. Once you have (say) 4 children, adding another isn’t that big of a deal.

  3. I’m the oldest of 7! My parents are amazing, and growing up with so many of us was fun. Hard but fun. I love watching the “mega” families on tv and it didn’t really occur to me that others look at us the same way. Its humbling and a huge blessing!

  4. I have twins, so I get a lot of “how do you do it” questions. My answer, you just do. I don’t stress about it either, unless I know I’m going to have a particular challenge that day such as a pediatrician’s appointment or that I’m going to have to wake up early for a particular event… that tends to get me stressed and anxious. But for the most part I really LOVE my life! I really love being a Mom, and after trying so long to get them I feel very fortunate to have them!

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