Pregnancy #7- Week 39

     Today is Saturday, and I am officially 39 weeks and 2 days, but let’s pretend like I am not 2 days late posting this!  LOL

     Things are going really well.  I did miss seeing the doctor the last 2 weeks.  Oops!  The first time was not my fault.  We shall lay the blame firmly on the lady who went into labor and called the doctor away.  🙂  The second one was my fault.  My appointments have  been on Wednesday afternoons for 8 or 9 weeks.  This week’s was on Tuesday, and I completely blew it.   On the way to my appointment on Wednesday I realized that it was supposed to have been on Tuesday.  As soon as I walked into the office the receptionist tsk’ed at me and asked me where I had been.  I dropped my head and admitted I had been bad.  LOL  Instead of waiting a full week to schedule my next appoinment, we made it for Monday.  See?  Never a dull moment around here!  🙂

      Baby Girl is doing great.  She has dropped down, but is still very active.  It is taking longer and longer to relax at night and get into a good sleep.  That does not help when you have to actually get up the next morning.  This morning I slept in a little, and then I even layed around for a little a time while Daddy made breakfast for the tribe.  Soon enough that will not be happening for a good while. 

     This week’s stats:

My weight is still holding pretty steady at around 174 pounds.  This is amazing considering the birthday cake and ice cream I have consumed.  It usually only takes about 15 minutes for it to hit my hips and thighs.  (I turned 33 yesterday, and had a great birthday.)

My belly measures a little more than 44 3/4 inches around at the belly button.

I have my birth kit all ready to go.  Now we are just waiting on the show to get started.

Here are my week 39 pictures.  Thank you to Teacher M for taking them for me!

This one just looks goofy.

Front view.

This one is me being silly and doing my best “super model the size of a barn” imitation.  LOL  🙂

I warned you I was being silly!!

Fully Relying on God,




4 responses to “Pregnancy #7- Week 39

  1. You look phenomenal!!! Can’t wait to “meet” baby girl!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope she comes soon for you!

  3. Glad to hear you had a great birthday.
    You are amazing. You look fantastic!! Love the super model poses : )
    I hope your appointment tomorrow goes wonderful. Don’t forget it ; )

  4. Love the supermodel mom 😉

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