Things I Love Thursday

Ya’ll may remember my last TILT with my “as seen on tv” purchase. 

This week I have another “as seen on tv” purchase that I just have to share with you. 

Are you ready?

Spiky blue balls.  Yep.

They make a lot of claims about drying time, softness, fluffiness and saving energy.  I have not done any “tests” of my own to say that these claims are true, but let me tell you what I have noticed with these bad boys. 

     When I put a load of wet clothes in with them to dry, they do come out fluffier!  That was just cool. 

     My favorite thing is what they do for clothes off the line.  I much prefer to hang my clothes outside for them to dry.  The money savings is awesome, but the clothes are not always very soft or fluffy.  I don’t like taking the time to hang them out to dry just to bring them back inside and heat them in the dryer to fluff them.  Not productive, efficient or frugal.  The dryer balls were a great answer to this problem.  Now when a load has dried outside I put them in the dryer with the balls and no heat for less than 10 minutes.  The clothes come out soft and fluffy without the added expense of heating them to achieve the wanted fluffiness and softness. 

     Yes, I have tried to fluff the clothes with no heat without the balls.   It is just nowhere as effective.   The balls really do make a difference. 

     I like that they have no chemicals in them.  That is why we cut out dryer sheets a long time ago.  I do not want my family absorbing those chemicals into their skin. 

     My clothes do not come in off the line very stiff like they used to.  That comes from soap residue that is left behind.  Using vinegar in your rinse cycle, instead of fabric softener works beautifully and leaves no scent.  The dryer balls help with the usual line drying stiffness, and helps to fluff up fabrics- like towels.

      I am loving my dryer balls, and they only cost me 10 bucks! 

     Got something you love that you want to share?  Looking to see what others are sharing?  Pop over to The Diaper Diaries and check it out! 

Fully Relying on God,



5 responses to “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I’ve just started using vinegar in my rinse cycle and I’m loving it. I just put about a half cup (I’m guessing) in my Downy ball and it does great. I have no static at all :). Hopefully hubby is going to redo my clothesline this weekend because here in Virginia we’ve finally got some sunshine!!!

  2. I also use vinegar in my rinse cycle… LOVE IT!

    Those dryer balls look really interesting! I don’t line dry, it rains 9 months of the year here… BUT I’m thinkin’ they’d be a great alternative to dryer sheets.

  3. I keep looking at those. I think it must be time. I’d love to dry my clothes outdoors, but my family is too sensitive to pollen – I don’t think it’d be a winning combination. The vinegar in the rinse cycle sounds like a good idea too, but how do you manage to keep up with when the washer is going to go into a rinse cycle. Or can you just put it in the fabirc softener dispenser and it automatically adds it then?

  4. I guess sometimes the informercials claims are true!

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