Guess what we have been doing.

     Where have I been for the past several days?

     Let me give you a couple of hints.

     Yes, we went camping, and it was absolutely wonderful! 

     We took one adult bike and all the kids’ bikes, and we rode all over the campground.

     We ate tons of food including:  burgers, bbq chicken, cole slaw, strawberry torte, smores, cheesy eggs, turkey sausage and more.

      Mr. Muscles unpacked, set up, tore down and packed up the tents with very little help.  You go honey!!

     Ms. Giggles (2) took the time to practice her “beam routine” just like her big sisters do.

     There were at least 5 families camping around us.  The kids played with every single on of them.  We met a lot of great people, and enjoyed the time we spent with our kids and each other without the tv, DS’, computer or anything else.  We talked a lot, we listened a lot, we played, we laughed and we sat in silence watching the fire.  It was wonderful.

     One of the most beautiful things we saw were these:

They were everywhere!


     Where ever you turned there were dogwoods in bloom.  It was beautiful!

     Now we are at home, everything is unpacked and put away, and I am staring at the Kilz on the walls and doors that is screaming to be painted with the appropriate color.  LOL  That is a post for another time.  🙂

     We are already looking forward to our next camping trip.

Leaning on God,



5 responses to “Guess what we have been doing.

  1. I have to say….I am impressed!!! I can’t believe you not only went camping, but TENT camping at 37 weeks!!!! You Go Girl!!!! We usually go camping for a couple of days each summer and my husband thought I was crazy when I said I still want to go.
    How are you feeling? Can’t wait for this weeks update : )
    I finally put a picture of myself on my blog. I am 16 weeks. Doctor tomorrow.

  2. Camping is so fun! Looks like you had a great time.

  3. Wow!! What a trooper! I hope you were near the restroom.
    I’ve been visiting your blog for awhile, I usually just lurk!

  4. Amazing! We tried camping for the first time when I was 35 weeks but we did it in the backyard. It was fun but I would never have had the guts to really go camping. Looks like you had fun though. 🙂

  5. My mom is “strongly encouraging” us to go camping at some point this summer with her and dad. We’re not really camping people, and camping with twin 2 year olds doesn’t sound like fun to me. But glad you had a good time! Maybe there IS hope for us! lol

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