Tackle it Tuesday

     I decided to give this week off as our spring break week.  The kids were excited until they realized that spring break also means spring cleaning and getting projects done.  {Insert evil laugh here}  🙂

     For my tackle I am going to be sharing my bane of toddlerhood.  I can handle to potty training and accidents, I can handle the constant attempts to do it themselves, and more, but it is the writting on the walls that gets me.  With all of the big kids in the house they leave plenty of pens, markers, pencils, crayons and such around for the littles to get to.   I have spent about 3 hours Kilzing walls and doors.  Some of the doors are new- thank you Mr. Muscles!!

     My house is full of white, or mostly white, patches.  Now I have to get out the correct color for each room and finish fixing it all.  I had to Kilz in almost every room in the house.  Literally.  I will probably start with the wall color then move to the trim and new doors.   The kids will be helping me this time!

     Here we have one of the new doors and just a small sample of the artwork.  Amazing that the dry erase markers can get off permanent marker, but it cannot remove dry erase marker.  


     Here are some of the areas after they have been Kilzed.   


     Now onto the rest of the painting.  Sigh.

     So what are you tackling?  Pop over to 5 Min for Mom and share your tackle or check out other bloggers’ tackles.

Leaning on God,



13 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday

  1. Yeah you! What a great tackle!!

  2. Oh yikes! That’s an awesome tackle!

  3. WD40 will get off crayons. But careful of the fumes since you are expecting!

  4. I remember those days with my kids. 🙂
    Goo Gone works great on these kinds of things.
    This stuff takes candle wax out of carpet.
    Now I let my grand kids finger paint all over the play room walls.
    It looks really cool. 🙂

  5. Oh that drives me nuts!!! And no matter how many washable crayons you have in the house when they write on the walls they find that one permanent marker that someone else brought and left in the house.

  6. Oh dear… I’m so not looking forward to that stage!

  7. This happens at my house too! I usually use the mr. clean magic erasers, they really are amazing. They even took black permanent marker out of my beige carpet!! I may have to invest in some of that killz though it looks like it worked great.

  8. That is wonderful! My little princess has written her name in various locations throughout the house using a wide range of different mediums. Yikes!

  9. I am lucky and have only one child (out of four) that likes to draw on the walls but I still freak when I see it.

    That is an amazing tackle at 9 months pregnant.

    Great Job.

  10. I feel bad for you and also remember those days. Good luck getting the kids to help.

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