Oh, the baby list!

     As my due date gets closer and closer I am finally starting to really look for the things I need.  A while back I took some time to look at different bedding, exhibit A, but that was a far as it got.  🙂

     Our newest addition will be arriving at a time of year that is much warmer than our other children.  What does this mean?  It means I have no clothing for her!   I have purchased a few outfits.  One of them is for the family picture we are doing once she finally arrives.  A few outfits is not enough. 

     My baby list for clothing includes sweet things like:

baby socks,



and adorable outfits.



     Hopefully I will find some outfits like these!  I love the outfits with diaper covers.  Especially if they have ruffles on the tush.  LOL  Too cute!

     I need to pop over to Bella Bottoms and order some more of my favorite cloth diapers.   I am still on the lookout for diaper covers.  I have yet to find some that I am totally in love with.

     Rounding out my list, for the moment, is one of my favorite items- those wonderful swaths of fabric made just for babywearing.  I have a sling and I also have a wrap that consists of about 4 yards of material.  The sling is nice but really engulfs babies.  I have no idea how to wear the one made of yards and yards of fabric.  It is cool looking, but I come out looking like a mummy.  Not the fashion statement I am looking for.  So, I am also on the hunt for a great sling/ babywearing device.   🙂

     I am off to get ready to go.  When I take Ms. Firecracker (8 ) to gymnastics practice the rest of the kids and I are going baby shopping.  Let’s see what treasures I will find on sale!!

    Until later my friends.

Leaning on God,



4 responses to “Oh, the baby list!

  1. If you can find an Ergo I highly recommend them! New they run about $100, but maybe you can find one used? Just make sure it’s a newer model because there was a recall on some of the buckles I believe a couple years ago.
    Have fun shopping!

  2. My girls were born in June, but even so I really never put them in true “summer” outfits. They were so super tiny, and we use A/C most of the summer, so I was constantly bundling them up rather than dressing them down in summer clothes. Just something to consider. 🙂 We used a lot of those long sleeved gowns, the ones with the flaps at the ends of the arms to turn them into “mits”.

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  4. (those gowns are the best! we call them “baby bags”:)

    my friend wears her babies comfortably in a ring sling from day one, but i didn’t quite figure it out until my babe was older. i had a pouch sling (from target) that worked well when she was teeny, but i’m planning with baby #2 to figure out the ring sling, bc i like how in that the baby is at your chest instead of down low in the pouch.

    we use mother-ease diaper covers and love them over prefolds or fitted diapers. they are very adjustable and take a long time to size out of. (my petite girl has been in the same size for well over a year.)

    blessings to you on a safe delivery (and recovery) and on your beautiful baby girl!

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