Pregnancy #7- 36 Weeks

     Howdy, howdy!   The 9th and final month has begun.  I have to share just how thankful I am that Baby Girl has grown enough that she can no longer stretch out as far into my diaphragm and ribs.  It is wonderful not to be in constant pain!!  Hallelujah!!  It certainly makes time go by a little quicker.  Month 7 and most of 8 just drug on forever.  Now I am looking at 3 1/2 weeks until Baby Girl is supposed to make her appearance.  What?!?!  LOL   I am just now making my list of “things to get”.   🙂

     This weeks stats:

I weight is 172 pounds.  I lost a couple, but it is not a worry.  I was pretty sick, and I have plenty of fat reserves anyway.  🙂  (wink,wink)

My belly measures 45 inches around at the belly button.

Uterus is measuring right on at 36cm. 

God is good!!

Here is the latest picture of me.   I look like more belly than I feel.  LOL


So, how are you doing?  Anything new going on?

Leaning on God,



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