Pregnancy #7- 34 Weeks

     Woo Hoo!  Ya’ll say it with me now.  Woo Hoo!  34 weeks.  I would say we are on the downhill side, but 6 weeks is a long way to go when you are getting bigger by the minute.  🙂 

     Last week wasn’t too hard.  The pain isn’t so constant (thank you God!!!), but when it is here there is no ignoring it.  I think she has dropped a little lower, or has pulled her feet in some, so there is a lot less pressure on my diaphram.  It is much easier to breathe.   Another victory…..that I had absolutely nothing to do with…… but I am oh so grateful for!  🙂  My next doctor appt is this coming Wed.   I will add his stats to the coming week’s update.  For this week is just my normal stats:

My weight is 173 pounds.  Yikes!  My tush is trying to balance out the size of my belly. 

My belly is 44 3/4 inches around at the belly button. 

On the interesting side, Baby Girl is now doing the “flopping from one side to the other” thing.  Completely cool and freaky to watch.  LOL  When she wakes up even hubs knows it! 

Here is the one okay picture I could get.  I know.  It is not so great.  Sorry.  I will try to be a little more creative for week 35.  🙂

Ya’ll have a blessed week!

Leaning on God,



3 responses to “Pregnancy #7- 34 Weeks

  1. Your looking good!!
    I can’t belive that is what I will look like before I know it. 13 weeks here : )
    Thanks for your email. I really appreciated it.

  2. Loved looking over your blog. I am currently 29 wks pregnant with our 10th and counting down the weeks!

  3. hello! saw your post on 5 minutes for mom. I’m a homeschool mom of 7, soon to be 8! I think I’m due a week before you are. looking forward to getting to know you better reading your blog 🙂

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