John Wayne Toilet Paper

     Oh come on, you know what John Wayne toilet paper is. 

     Its rough, tough, and don’t take no….um…..poop!

     Our family has been an Angel Soft family for years.   Then, I had a conversation with a couple of septic experts.  It turns out that Quilted Northern is the best for your septic system.  It breaks down the quickest. 

     Well shoot!  With 8 people using the septic system in this house I want to do everything I can to keep it flowing properly. 

     So I, being the adoring wife and mother that I am, switched over to Quilted Northern.  It is thicker, softer and a little bit goes a long way.  Unfortunately my children could not make the adjustment.  No matter how many times I showed them, got the toilet paper for them, and ranted and raved they continued to use 3 feet of toilet paper at a time.  It gets so old so quickly when you have to constantly plunge the toilet.   They would go through 3 times as much as they should have.   That is also with factoring in the fact that children do not develop the toilet paper gene until they are in their teens at the earliest. 

      What is the toilet paper gene?  It is the gene that helps someone reason the proper amount of toilet paper to get the job done.  It is responsible for the decisions not to use a gob of toilet paper the size of a grapefruit to wipe a tush that is half that size. 

     After much frustration, and plunging, I have switched toilet paper.  Oh, not for Mr. Muscles and I.  I like the Quilted Northern!  I know how much to use!  LO  I switched the kids’ toilet paper.   I guess they will just have to eventually move up in the toilet paper world as their toilet paper genes develop.  Until then each toilet paper purchase for the youngins will be a tribute to John Wayne.

Leaning on God,



One response to “John Wayne Toilet Paper

  1. This is hilarious! Here’s to hoping my kids develop the toilet paper gene sooner than later! Love your blog! And you look great!

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