Many all rolled into one.

     I know.  I am a bad Rhen.  Bad, bad Rhen.  I missed my pregnancy update, I didn’t get my WFMW post done, no Menu Monday post, and I didn’t post any of the stuff I have been writing for a few weeks now.    How about if I roll a pregnancy update and a look-at-my-crazy-weekend all into one.   Good! 

     Let’s start w ith the whole pregnancy update part.  I have made it past 33 weeks.  Only by the grace of God have I made it past 33 weeks.  On Thursday I turned 33 weeks, and my stats that week were:  weight at 169.2 pounds, my belly measured 44 1/4 inches around.   The dr. appt I had on Wednesday was crap.  The dr. I saw that time was in the room only a few minutes.   It was long enough to measure my uterus (measuring spot on at 33), listen to Baby Girl’s heart beat (140’s), and ask how everything was as her hand was on the doorknob and she was turning it.  When I tried to talk to her about the things that are different, painful and concerning all I got was the standard “that’s just pregnancy”.  Duh.  Is that why I am the size of a blue whale?  You don’t say!   I have been considering a hospital birth this time for Mr. Muscles and my Mom.  I can’t get any feedback from the doctors who supposedly want me to deliver there!  

     Moving on before I get more aggravated just thinking about it.

Here are a few of shots of my at 33 weeks.  Don’t laugh!


     Onto my weekend.  High Ho!   Saturday we celebrated Ms. Serious’ birthday.  She will be turning 12 on the 19th.  Her birthday is on a Thursday so her party would have to happen either the weekend before or the weekend after.  Ms. Lovebug (6) has a gymnastics meet the weekend after so we partied the day away this past Saturday.  It was a lot of fun, a lot of cake and a lot of laughing.  More to come, and some pictures as well, in the next couple of days. 

     Saturday night was dinner out for Mr. Muscles and I with our good friends Jimmy and Pam.  They own a KOA campground in Colorado, and they are about to head back out to Colorado.  Camping season will start before they know it.  Dinner was a blast!  We ate, talked and laughed for hours.  3 hours!  We can discuss any topic and it never goes ugly.  We all have a sense of humor, and that makes for a lot of entertainment for us, our waitress and the tables around us.  I sure will miss them!  We are hoping to be able to take a trip out to their campground one day.  That would be fantastic. 

     After church on Sunday we took a little trip to a neighboring town to find me some pants I can actually wear.  Baby Girl is so low that I cannot wear any of my jeans.  3 pairs of jeans and they all pinch.  Ugh!  5 stores and no jeans.  Seriously!  Capris?  Yes.  Shorts?  Yes.  Jeans?  No.  I have a pair of shorts, but I rarely wear them in public.  I wear compression hose while I am pregnant.  If I wear pants that show my legs I look funny.  My legs are very tan, and the rest of my is oh-so-not-tan.  No thank you!  I did find a pair of goucho lounge pants that I love.  Very comfy.  I am loving comfy right now.  🙂  I also purchased 3 shirts, all on sale.  Score!   They will take me through the next 6-7 weeks and through the recovery time. 

     Ok, this post is way too long already.  I will stop talking………………………now.  LOL  God bless!

Leaning on God,



4 responses to “Many all rolled into one.

  1. Oh Rhen!!!! Send me a note with your pants size and I’ll see if I can find some, our local thrift shop has AWESOME preggy clothes 😉

    You’re a gorgeous pregnant girl too 😉

    Happy Birthday to Ms. Serious!!!

  2. you look fantastic!!

  3. I noticed how low you looked in this photo.
    Have you done home births before?
    Is there something about 33 weeks? Did you go early before?

    I found some prego jeans on ebay for myself. Being only 4’11” I need petite sizes for pants (even then they are usually long). No stores around here carry them. Hope this helps.

    I was a little worried that something was wrong when I didn’t see your update. Glad to know you are hanging in there.

  4. I hated the doctors. They made me wait an hour to see them, then they only would give me 5 minutes of their time. Several times when I went to the hospital to have the baby, the doctor didn’t even remember having seen me. Well, if they had taken ANY time at all, that might have been different.

    I was lucky enough to be able to have a midwife and homebirth with my fifth baby. It was so nice that we were able to get to know one another and I trusted them like I had never trusted a doctor.

    Good luck with it. Thank goodness God knows us, even when the doctors don’t.

    I was very blessed to have done homebirths with the last 3 children. This one may be a homebirth as well!! ~Rhen

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