Books, Delicious!!

     From the time I was a kid I have devoured books.  Absolutely devoured them.  Mysteries, fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, it didn’t really matter.  When I was really young I prefered the Nancy Drew books, and I moved from there to classics and science fiction.   Oh, any books about real people in history had my attention. 

     I would love to have more time to read books now.  For some reason I just don’t have a lot of down time to read too much.  Hmm, I wonder why.  LOL 🙂 

     My love of reading has multiplied several times recently for several reasons.

     One of the reasons is that Ms. Lovebug (6) is now not just a reader, but she is a read-a-book-all-by-herself reader.   I just love it.  I cannot describe how it feels to teach your child to read.  It is so amazing, wonderful, inspiring and heart-swelling to see her read bigger and bigger words.  To go from someone who was always asking what something said to someone who is sounding it out for herself.  Can you tell I am proud?  🙂

     Another reason is to see our oldest, Ms. Serious (almost 12) devour books the same way I did.  She will check out 20+ books a week, and read each and every one of them.   She also loves Nancy Drew books, biographies and anything else that sparks her interest.

     The most recent reason is our son, Short Man (10).  For years it was a challenge to get him to read anything that he just didn’t have to for schoolwork.    The best it would get was books about the critters he was interested in.  The reading he did in those books may have amounted to 10 sentences, if that much.  Then, about a month ago, he checked out a Hardy Boys book and a book on a Civil War soldier.  Ever since then he has been reading so much.  I will catch him with his light on reading a book at 11:oo at night.  How could I possibly get onto him?   I am so thrilled to see him enjoying reading!  He was so into the book he checked out last week that he was using his Simon game to give him light on the way home tonight.  It just made my heart sing!  Lalalalalalala! 

     I don’t want to leave Ms. Firecracker (8 ) out.  She may not read as much as Ms. Serious, but she has certainly shown a lot more interest in reading lately.  I guess she just needs to find a genre of books that really speaks to her.  She has already read all of the Junie B. Jones books.  Now onto something else.  LOL

     Do your kids read?  Do you have to make them read?  What are their favorite books?   I would love to hear some suggestions.  On a side note- no books with magic.  We do not do magic in our home.  I have to keep my eyes open with several of their favorite series.  Sometimes the series will slip in a book with magic.  Still, there are a lot of great books out there!

Leaning on God,



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