Pregnancy #7, Week 32

     Sorry my pregnancy update is late. 

     32 weeks down.  8 more to go! 

     I would love to say that time is flying, but it is not.  Ugh.  The pain, uncomfortable pressure, and inability to really breathe are starting to take it’s toll and interfere with my daily tasks.  It just sucks that this pregnancy has turned into a very hard one.

     I am trying to focus on one day at a time and all the positives so far. 

     *Only 1 out of 7 pregnancies have been painful and hard.  This one.

     *Baby Girl is now at or above the 30th percentile for size.  Woo Hoo!

     *Baby Girl is very active.

     *I have a very supportive hubby in Mr. Muscles.  He is taking on a lot of the nightly routines with the kids.  Big help!

     *I have less than 8 weeks to go.

     *Baby Girl and I are both healthy.

     God is good!

      I need to schedule another appointment with the chiropractor to get adjusted.  I am hoping he will be able to help me with some of the pain.  Being all aligned really helps.  He also pops and adjusts my ankles.  Oooooo, I love that!  Who knew I would love to have my ankles adjusted??  LOL

     I am in need of a new pair of britches.  The way I am carrying this one makes most of my current pants hard or impossible to wear.  I have been wearing my brown cords, but I need to get a pair of jeans as well.  Kohl’s sells some just like my cords that I am going to check out.  Pregnancy is too hard on you to wear clothes that are uncomfortable, unflattering and ugly!  Knowing you look cute, and having clothes that fit well, really makes a difference.   Oh, I have a whole post on maternity clothing brewing in my head now.  🙂

     Onto this week’s stats: 

My weight is 170 pounds.  Not too bad, but more than I would like to see.  

My belly is measuring a gnat’s butt over 44 inches around at the bellybutton.

I will be very interested to see what my uterus is measuring at my next appt. on Wed.  

Here I am today (32 weeks and 1 day) right before taking Ms. Firecracker (8 ) to gymnastics practice. 


How is your week going?  If you are pregnant, I would love to hear how it is going. 

Make sure you leave a link to your blog so I can check it out!

Leaning on God,



7 responses to “Pregnancy #7, Week 32

  1. Hi Rhen,
    You are looking good!
    I am 11 weeks today. Morning sickeness is starting to easy up some (I still take Zofran 3 times a day though) but I am exhausted ALL the time! I can’t wait for my energy level to pick up. I have goals for this weekend that I have made and I am going to try hard to meet them (like wash my gross floors).

    I am having a problem with my sugar levels. They keep dropping. The doctor’s office wants me to eat every 2 hours to keep it up. Easier said than done at this point. I get full very easy and usually feel that was still by the time the 2 hours is up. I waited Thursday to eat until 3 hours and my level was down. I am working on it : )

    I am at the awkward place now that my regular clothes are too tight but I feel funny needing maternity clothes already. But honestly, they are so much more comfortable. I don’t know why I am surprised though because with my other 2 pregnancies I was in maternity clothes by 12 weeks (I am sure only being 4’11” has something to do with that).

    Love your weekly updates…especially the pics.

  2. upstatemomof3

    Oh my goodness! You loook amazing. 🙂 I am so sorry you aren’t feeling well. Your attitude is so positive. And really there is only a little while to go. Even if the days seem twice as long because you are uncomfortable. 🙂

  3. You look so beautiful! I totally understand the thing about looking cute. I read a message board where they were arguing how selfish and greedy we are to care about our appearance while pregnant. I’ll pray for you that you will walk in total grace for the duration. I’ve had several difficult pregnancies, so I empathize with you.

  4. You are adorable! I did not look that cute when i was pregnant with my 2nd—to look that great with pregnancy 7—wow. Also, I am so sorry you are having so much pain. Thanks for your comment at my little blog…I thought all of North GA (That’s where we live) got snow! But I heard that my area for some reason just got the most…but today it is 76 degrees! I LOVE Spring.

  5. You look fantastic in that picture, i cannot believe this is your 7th pregnancy. Love your blog – made me smile! Congratulations on your pregnancy, sorry its been a bit tough! Im 32 weeks pregnant myself with my first little boy, very exciting! As I work with Bounty I’ve been following my stages online, as its my first pregnancy so its all new to me! Here is whats going on at 32 weeks which is where you are! Its so amazing isnt it. Anyway, best of luck to you for the rest of the pregnancy! xxx

  6. Counting down with you, girl! I had a pretty good weekend (until tonight) and actually got a few things done, but I still feel pretty lousy most of the time and just can’t wait to be done with this pregnancy. :^)

  7. You look fantastic! I’ll be 22 weeks on Friday. This pregnancy is actually more enjoyable than my first. Although I get tired and winded easly, I have so much more energy this time. But the heartburn…ugh, the heartburn stinks. I have to sleep sitting up which is killing my back. Thank goodness I have a chiropracter appt on Monday…I’m really hoping she can help me feel better. Oh, and I just hired a doula! I’m planning on a VBAC and I think the doula will be a huge help while I labor. Take care!

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