A breastfeeding perk?

     I recently wrote a post about cleavage.  Ooo, it was a good one!  LOL

     That post got me into a very interesting conversation with Krista at Welcome to Married Life.  (Hey Krista!)

     I am a breastfeeding momma.  I love to breastfeed.  I love the connection with my babies.  Truely a gift that God has given us mothers. 

     Before kids I was a 34 D.  Not too bad.  Not too big, but I was still somewhat limited in what I could wear. 

     Fast forward to baby #2.  My son.  Born at 9 pounds and 22 inches (I am 5’4″), he was no small baby.  He did not lose one ounce of birth weight.  Not one.  The boy had fat rolls at birth.  When he latched on, he latched on!   My chest swelled to a 42 H.  An H!   I did not even know they made that size bra.   I was miserable.  How in the world do you find shirts that will fit without looking like a tent?  You don’t!  I am very thankful that while breastfeeding the rest of the babies I have not exceeded a 36DD! 

     Since I already know what’s coming I have my eyes open to purchase a few shirts just for nursing in public.  I like the button ups.  I don’t have to practically pull my shirt over my head, exposing my mom belly, while trying to nurse a baby. 

     Here are few that I like:

I like shirts that are darted.  They have a very slimming effect.  The rouching at the chest also gives a little more room and keeps your buttons from pulling.

This one also has a good, slimming shape, and the sleeves are very cute. 

Don’t you just love the color?  I am such a red girl!

Look at the sleeves!!!  🙂

     The only way this could get better is if the shirts are on sale when I go to buy them.  Woo hoo! 

     I don’t breastfeed for the cute tops, it just happens to be a perk!  LOL 

Leaning on God,




5 responses to “A breastfeeding perk?

  1. I have never heard of an H either…And I thought I was getting busty going from a C to a D! lol

  2. Thanks for the tip! My first son I bf for 10 days (15 1/2 years ago–I didn’t have a very good support system at the time). I am looking forward to doing it this time. I was already big on top to begin with and was wondering what I was going to do.

    Just one question…..where did you find these cute tops?

    Kohl’s! ~Rhen

  3. Cute tops….for those non-button down days I always layered with a stretchy tank top….though I was never as well endowed as you ….it may work.
    That way my ‘stretchmarked sides’ were covered and the top layered provided more discretion……so under the top layer and then I could just pull down the top of the tank top for easy access.
    Hope that helps!
    I LOVE the beauty of breastfeeding 🙂

  4. Well, hey! 😉 I always used a blanket or cover up when nursing in public since I had to use my hand (did you have that problem?). So I guess I’d rather show the bottom than the top! Plus, my son was grabby… 🙂
    But really, do they make those shirts in sizes that would fit large chests? I never seem to be able to find blouses that didn’t gap even when I wasn’t pregnant or nursing! I have wide shoulders too so I’m sure that doesn’t help.
    Oh, and I hate ironing…
    Happy shopping!

  5. Those are great lookibg shirts. We find shirts that button down the front to be a huge advantage. Baby Sister hates having anything on her face. So, those are great recommendations.

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