Tackle it Tuesday- Catch all

     Happy Tackle it Tuesday!  I love the push, or the umpf, that TT gives me to tackle projects around the house.    After all, I have to take pictures and get my posts up!  LOL

     Today I tackled my “catch-all”.  My chest freezer catches so much stuff that it can hard to open.  Most of our recycling ends up here before being sorted and taken in.  That makes my freezer look like this:

After sorting and clearing off the freezer I was able to give it a good scrub down.  Now it is neat, clean and I can open it!  Woo Hoo!  Not a very time consuming job, but it was a job that made the whole back door and laudry room area look 10 times better.  🙂

This is what it looks like now:

What did you tackle today?  Need a little inspiration?  Visit 5 Min for Mom and check out every one else!

Leaning on God,



6 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday- Catch all

  1. I have many catch all places too…and after I clean them, they are back a mess before the day is out! LOL Great tackle!

  2. Great tackle and I love your floor!!

  3. Nicely done!! I will soon be tackling my laundry. I have gotten so behind in the last week.

  4. I actually did tackle something today, but forgot to take photos.

    My kitchen counter! It has been the home of all my daughter’s bottle washing supplies. My daughters are 20 months now and stopped using bottles 2 months ago. Yup, took me that long to get rid of the bottle station!

  5. Great job! (now I’m trying really hard not to covet that huge freezer you have!)


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