Things I Love Thursday- the beast

     No, I do not mean my husband.  LOL  Snort.  Shhh, don’t tell him I said that!  🙂

     Yes, I love him, but not just on Thursdays.  Not to mention I call him Mr. Muscles, not the beast.  Haha.

     A conversation yesterday helped me to decide what my TILT was going to be for this week.  We do not just get questions and comments on our family size, but the comments and questions include my van.

Meet the beast.

Yes, she needs a bath, but it has been raining here.  And you can see that one of the children did not close the door all the way.  LOL

     I love my van.  If you would have told me even a few years ago that I would be driving this tank and loving it, I would have called you crazy.  Seriously! 

     My van was previously owned by a racing company, and has been upgraded.  Some of my favorites are:  leather seats (cloth- never again!), 15″ screen tv, remote headphones, back seat lays down into a bed, seats 12 comfortably, has double doors on both sides and the back, and is equivalent to a 1 ton truck.  I can pull almost anything!   It is much easier to drive, clean, load and unload than an SUV. 

     I am very thankful for my van.  🙂

Do you drive a beast?  Maybe a cheetah?  Or a gazelle? 

     Do you TILT?  Come check out others at The Diaper Diaries.

Leaning on God,


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8 responses to “Things I Love Thursday- the beast

  1. I drive a Suburban (only four kiddos so it works for us!). And I definitely love my ‘boat’ or the ‘burban as the littlest one calls it. I have learned to swing into the smallest parking places.

    We also have leather..and I 110% agree! Chocolate milk is so easy to wipe off a leather seat …no need to dig out the Febreeze and uphosterly cleaner!!!

    But my fave thing is probably that I can put 2 kids on each ‘row’ with a space in between!!!

  2. my sister swears that leather seats are a must for anyone with children!

  3. We drive a mini-van right now. Now that I am having #6 we are not all going to fit. We are trying to decide what to do next. I don’t know if I can bring myself to drive anything bigger. There is always the roof-rack : )

  4. That sounds really nice with all of those extras!!! We enjoyed a movie player when the kids where little. It made long trips so much easier!

    Nice to meet you and I am came in through twitter.

    Have a nice day!

  5. I drive a beast too- but yours has mine beat :). I wish that mine was dirty because of the rain- and not from not washing it for several months :).

    We have leather seats too and you’re right- if you have kids and can afford it it’s totally worth it.

  6. So do you really have your blog address on the side of your van or is that just in the picture? lol, I gotta know!

    LOL- that is too funny! No, I mark all of my pictures with “”. That is a great idea though! ~Rhen

  7. We have two vans, a 15 passenger and an 11 passenger…LOVE the big vans! Ours aren’t quite as nice as yours as we buy older ones so if something goes wrong my hubs can work on them. He doesn’t work on newer ones. Having doors on both sides would be dreamy though!


  8. I drive a 1995 station wagon cause I am classy like that 🙂 And it is currently in the shop 😦

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