Pregnancy #7- Week 30

     We have made it to 30 weeks! 

    With that said, oh my goodness, I have a full ten more weeks to go. 

     I feel so bad and so guilty not enjoying every moment of being pregnant.  I have had those fantastic pregnancies.  The ones where you are not uncomfortable, you are energetic, you are happy, and you are loving being pregnant.  Those are great. 

     I have also had the hard ones that have you praying.  A lot of praying.  This is one of those pregnancies.   I would say 65% of the time I am great.  I feel good and I have energy.  The other 35% of the time is just crap.  Yes, I said crap.  I just hurt.  I ache.  I am miserable.    I was driving yesterday, on the verge of tears, and praying that God would give me His strength to make it through 10 more weeks.   I was asking how I am even going to make it through the 10 more weeks.  That makes me feel even worse.  We are blessed to be pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy. 

     Sometimes I feel like I am in the Aliens movie.   That is actually quite normal.  In your last month!  I still have 2 1/2 months ahead of me.  Yeesh!  Baby Girl pushes out so hard that I will clench my hands and close my eyes at the pain.  What are you doing in there????  She is supposed to only be in the 13% in size, so how is it that she is taking up every inch of my abdomen? 

     Our final (hopefully) ultrasound is next Wednesday with my dr. appt following it.  I am hoping to get some answers as to why this pregnancy is so different from the other ones. 

     Onto the good things.  Baby Girl is active- Lord help me.  I have no swelling anywhere.  Yay!  I can tie my own shoes. 

This week’s stats:

My weight is 165 pounds.  While my stomach is getting much bigger, my weight isn’t changing all that much.  Not to worry.  I have plenty of fat stored in the caboose!  I am staying active, and that helps my body to use the reserves.  🙂

My belly is 43 1/2 inches around at the belly button.

Not only does the measurement show my belly is really growing, but so do the people around me.  We missed church 2 Sundays ago ( I hate that), when everyone saw me the next time I had many different people practically yell, “Oh my goodness, you’re HUGE!” or, “Wow, you have grown a lot!  Are you sure there is just one in there?”.  Ya’ll don’t make feel too good now.  LOL 

Here I am at 30 weeks:

So, how is your week going?  🙂

Leaning on God,



3 responses to “Pregnancy #7- Week 30

  1. Congrats on making it to 30 weeks! I understand about the worry. We had to have 4 ultrasounds. One was the regular one. The second one was because they saw cysts on her brain in the first one (VERY stressful on me). They were gone in the second. The third one was because I was measuring small, but I think the doc. measured wrong cuz the ultrasound said I was right on. The last one was because I was past my due date. Everything turned out fine when she was born. Now, however, we are fighting with her growth. She is only in the 3% for both height and weight. Can’t find a reason why, but I am not worried about it because she is VERY healthy other than that!! Sorry for the rambling, but I thought my story would help with the worry over the extra ultrasound. Feel free to contact me if you need anything!!

  2. You look great! I remember the alien feeling from my last pregnancy. I had a giant baby in there and he used my ribs as monkey bars…not fun! I hope the next 10 weeks are comfortable for you and filled with joy! 🙂

  3. I am still early on with this pregnancy but I can relate to the feeling of “oh I feel like crap but I know I should be thankful for this pregnancy”. Oh believe me, I consider it a miracle that I am pregnant. Didn’t think it could or would ever happen. But I can’t believe how tired and sick I feel….most of the time! I am hoping that once I am done with my first trimester I will feel great and be able to enjoy it all.

    Oh btw, I look forward to your updates on Thursdays : ) esp. the pics.

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