Conversation with a 4 year old

Actual conversation just minutes ago between Ms. Independent (4) and I.

Me- “Ms. Independent, you cannot bounce your head off of my belly!”

Ms. Independent – “Why?”

Me – “Because there is a baby in there, and it hurts.”

Ms. Independent – “How come it doesn’t hurt Daddy?”

Me – “Because Daddy doesn’t have a baby in his tummy.”

Ms. Independent – “What is it then?”

Me – “His is just tummy.”

It is a good thing she is so cute ’cause I’m telling Daddy!!!


5 responses to “Conversation with a 4 year old

  1. lol, that’s awesome!

  2. So adorable! Kids say such cute things don’t they?

  3. Hey! I just found you through MBC- Southern Moms!
    I’m in the middle Ga area!
    You got some funny stuff! Good luck w/ #7!
    I’m having a time with 3- sickness is hanging out with us this week!

  4. LOL that is too funny… my nephew used to lift my sister’s shirt looking for the baby 🙂

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