WFMW- rinsing, really!

     I can’t believe WFMW is changing.  At first I was just uncomfortable as I started reading Shannon’s post, but ya know what?   I think this will be good for WFMW and for Shannon.  I am looking forward to  continuing with Kristen.  I hope she keeps the WFMW  backwards.  I have a few things I need help with!!

     Onto my tip for the week.  It is another simple one.  You have probably already thought of it, but I am going to share it anyway.  Just leave me a comment telling me that you are proud I finally figured it out on my own!  🙂

     We are a cloth diaper family.  I recently changed the way that I wash my diapers, and it has made a huge difference!  Really.

     When I put a load in the washer I no longer just start it washing.  I put it on a rinse and spin cycle first.  After the diapers have been rinsed out I then wash them.  The diapers are bright white, smell great, and are really clean.  Yay!!!   Love it. 

     PS- I am also doing this for my husband’s work pants.  The jobsite is often muddy and very dirty.  By rinsing off the dirt I am able to wash his pants in clean water rather than water that is full of mud. 

     Simple, I know, but it works for me! 

     Got a tip to share?  Looking for great advice?  Head over to Rocks in my Dryer and check out all the great links!   

     Hey wait!   Take a moment to pop over and enter in a Giveaway to win some absolutely fantastic Bella Bottoms cloth diapers. 

God bless,


5 responses to “WFMW- rinsing, really!

  1. I’ve never though of this. Thanks for the tip! Lisa~

  2. I did already know that but it is a great tip!!! It makes a huge difference and I like for our diapers to look nice when they come out of the wash. I am still hoping to win those ones you are giving away. 🙂

  3. We don’t cloth diaper, but I often use the same technique with my hubby’s dirty socks…

    The extra rinse cycle plus white vinegar in the rinse has TOTALLY changed the smell volume of his feet.

  4. Hmm, great tip thanks! My two kids are too big for diapers, but I’m seriously considering introducing my daughter to cloth sanitary pads…I’m trying them out first. So far so good, but I don’t have enough for a full wash load so I’m still figuring out the wash routine. This tip may help.

    Ooooo, good point!! ~Rhen

  5. That’s a great tip! I’m planning on cloth diapering baby #2 so this tip comes at a great time!

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