Grasping at Spring thoughts

     I am so ready for warm temperatures. 

     I am ready to see and feel the sun.

     I am ready for the cold wind to leave and stop blowing down the back of my neck. 

     I am not sure if it is desperation or just my keen ability to notice all that is around me (insert snort, chortle, guffaw here), but I am seeing little things that have me hoping that spring really is popping it’s head out.  

     First, our little ground rodent here in GA did NOT see his shadow.  Cha-ching- early spring.  LOL

     Next, I am seeing bugs.  When I went to get Ms. Serious (11) from cheerleading practice last night I was amazed at the amount of bugs committing suicide on my van. 

     Speaking of critters versus my van.  I have seen a whole bunch of rabbits out, about and darting around.  In 2 days I had 2 hares take on my van and lose.  It is a very creepy thud, and the first one sounded like a ping pong ball bouncing around under there.  Eww. 

     Thunderstorms are back in the weather picture.  I love these.  We live in the mountains, and the storms just seem to be so much more alive.  The thunder bounces off of the mountains.  The clouds swirl as they travel by.  They also make for beautiful sunsets.

     The chickens are really starting to lay eggs again.  They were a little sporadic for a while.  They are clucking and digging and just enjoying the warmer weather.

     The days are definitely getting longer. 

     Doesn’t all this add up to Spring?  🙂

     A few spring peeking pictures from our trip to the park:

The flowers are popping out

The bushes are starting to bloom

The ducks and geese were out playing

There was a fun conversation between me and the littles at the park.  I had to assure them that the ducks and geese were just “wrestling”  and not fighting.  LOL  Everything is twitterpated!!

Have a blessed day,



4 responses to “Grasping at Spring thoughts

  1. I am so jealous. We are still thigh-deep un snow. We won’t be having Any signs of spring for almost two more months. *weeps*

  2. At least it looks warmer there than it does here, we got another round of snow today Brrrrrrrr…. I can’t WAIT for spring..

  3. I just took my kids on a “signs of Spring” walk. I am really hoping we will be moving into Spring like weather soon!!

  4. I can’t wait for spring either. Out here in California it has been cold and rainy. It’s supposed to rain most of the week. I feel so bad for my kids because they are aching to go and play outside and every day I have to tell them no. Your photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

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