Things I Love Thursday

     Ya’ll might think I am just plain goofy for this, but here is something I am VERY grateful for:

Here I am doing my best Vanna White impression.  Like?  LOL

     Yes, a mop and bucket.  Don’t get fooled!  This is no ordinary mop and bucket.  These are industrial sized bad boys!!   That big wringer on the mop bucket is the best thing since sliced bread.   I love squishing the mop.  Is that sad?  LOL  It makes mopping my house easier and much faster. 

     You see, the laundry room, back door entrance, kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway, bathrooms and front entrance are all wood floors.  Well, the two bathrooms are linoleum.  I can mop the whole house in no time without have to get my hands in the water.   I can get out so much of the water that it does not hurt my wood floors and it dries very fast.  See the beauty of it all?

     The best thing?  I didn’t buy them.  Nope.  The wonderful lady we bought the house from left them for me.  She saw all of the kids and left them as a gift.  God bless her!

     Now you know why I don’t swiffer.  No pads to change.  No chemicals that can harm my kids or dogs.  No pad to buy.  I have two mop heads she left and they are washable!  Easy peasy, and anything that makes my day a little easier is just beautiful. 

     How about you?  Do you TILT?  LOL  Head on over to The Diaper Diaries and share or just explore!

Peace, love and joy,


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7 responses to “Things I Love Thursday

  1. That pic is too cute. I hate cleaning floors. It is my least favorite thing EVAH!!

  2. lol, love your Vanna pic 😛

    I almost did a TILT on my steam mop, I think I’ll probably do that next week. We have tile on most of our main living areas, so hard surface cleaning is essential! I’ll go into why I love my steam mop so much next week… stay tuned!! lol

  3. Your Vanna picture is adorable.

    I have wood floors too and so far I have not been able to find the perfect mop.

  4. I HATE mopping- it’s my least favorite chore. I can see why your thing would be handy though. I just want a Scooba- until my kids are old enough to mop :).

  5. I LOVE your pic 🙂
    I get damp washcloths and let my boys “skate” around the floor. Then I just have to spot clean where they missed.

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