Pregnancy #7- Week 29

 I am now just a week away from the big 3-0. 

Yep, 30 weeks.  That just sounds so imminent.  Doesn’t it?   Yikes! 

Even though I am not in my last month I am sleeping, rather not sleeping much at all, as if I was in the last 3 weeks or so of pregnancy.  That bites.    Other than that- well- I will update ya’ll on that a little further down the post.  Stats first.

This week’s stats:

My weight is now 163.8 pounds. 

My belly is 42 1/2 inches around at the belly button.

I know I am growing because people who haven’t seen me in a week or two are shocked and exclaiming, “Oh my goodness!  You’re really getting big now!”  Gee, thanks.  LOL

Here are a couple of pictures the kids took of me while we were at the park today.

     I was supposed to have given a Dr. appt. update on Tuesday, but I didn’t get around to it.  Sorry! 

     Anyway, my appt. was Monday.  My blood pressure was perfect.  Yay!  Urine tests were right on, and my blood glucose test came back perfect as well.  All great things.   I truely celebrate each normal result we get, and I realize how blessed we are to get them.

     I did have a few things to report to Dr.  Like, if Baby Girl is in the 13% for size then why is my abdomen so full?  He felt my stomach and noted that yep, not soft.  I don’t mean my uterus.  I mean it (my abdomen) just feels like a full balloon.  It feels like a rock, as per normal, when the Braxton-Hicks happen.  I am used to that.  It just doesn’t have any give, even when I am sitting down and relaxed.   I also do not have any more fluid than I should so he ruled that out.

     When I lay on one side or another there is no give.  Usually baby moves a little to one side or another.  Not Baby Girl.  Already bullheaded.  She gets if from her daddy.  🙂

     Again, if she is so small, then why am I measuring 30 weeks at 28 and a half?   I did report 2 dizzy spells and one time there were little bees around my line of vision.  No blood pressure problems, so it is probably just because I am pregnant. 

     Dr. order a 4th, and hopefully final, ultrasound.  As long as everything is still forming perfectly, and growing steadily, then no more ultrasounds.  Yay!   She may be small, but everything else is as it should be.  I am tired of ultrasounds and I don’t want her zapped over and over again.  My ultrasound and next Dr. appt. is on the 25th. 

     Thank you God.  Thank you for having your hands on this pregnancy.  While the Dr. may not be able to explain things, I know that you know.  You have given me a sense of peace.  All is in your might hands.   There is no better place to be.

     Have you had anything weird happen in your pregnancy?  Anything the Dr.’s couldn’t explain?


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3 responses to “Pregnancy #7- Week 29

  1. Sounds like things are going really well. 30 weeks is getting close.

  2. Hi there! I had some light unexplained bleeding at about 20 weeks with my little girl. My doctor couldn’t explain it but felt that rather than take any risks he would sign me off work and studying for the rest of the pregnancy. This was such a blessing! It allowed me to go to all sorts of antenatal classes, parenting groups, etc. And I really built up a good network of friends and parenting mentors.

  3. You look great!!!! Glad to hear all is going well!

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