Who’s got a beer gut?

I really don’t know how men with beer guts do it.

     My belly is forever pushing my pants down. I keep having to hike them back up. All I need is a crotch grab and I will fit right in!  LOL

     Seriously, every time I sit down and then stand up I have baggy britches. 

     After I walk up stairs my pants have shifted down again, and I have to hike them back up.  I can no longer bend over while sitting.  Oh Lord help me if I lean back too far.  I look like a turtle on it’s back. 🙂

     While I see the humor in all of it, and I really try to enjoy even the hard things in pregnancy, man can it be a tad bit frustrating.  Trying to roll over at night is an event.  Mr. Muscles has been known to laugh right out loud.  For shame.  Give me a push for crying out loud!  Don’t just watch me try to get enough momentum to roll.

     I need me a fancy pair of them ‘spenders for my britches!


3 responses to “Who’s got a beer gut?

  1. Too funny!

    But why did you go to partial feeds all of a sudden?

  2. I remember those days. I loved being pregnant, but night time was always the hardest for me, and you are SO right about rolling over!

  3. Oh my gosh! Is that man’s beer gut real? It looks dangerously unhealthy.

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