WFMW- making conditioner last!

     With 5 girls in our house we can go through a little conditioner in no time.  LOL 

     One day I accidentally diluted our conditioner too much.  How?  The bottle was getting empty and I put some water in there.  Then I shake up the bottle and use the rest of the conditioner. 

     That day I put water in there twice.  I had forgotten I had already done it.  That made the bottle a little less than half full.  I used it on them anyway, and it worked beautifully!  Just as well as it did in full strength. 

     Since then I have been recycling my conditioner bottle, squirting some conditioner in it and adding water.  The conditioner lasts a long time and all of the girls’ hair is wonderfully conditioned.  🙂  

     Now, our girls all have different kinds of hair.  Some have thick hair, some have fine hair, some have long hair, some have short hair, some have board straight hair and some have curly hair.  It works for all of them including Ms. Serious who is almost 12 years old. 

     It was an accidental discovery, but definitely something that works for me!

     Are you frugal like this?  🙂

     For more WFMW visit Rocks in My Dryer.  If you have a tip to pass on, join in!

Have a blessed day,


4 responses to “WFMW- making conditioner last!

  1. Great tip!!! I’ll have to give it a try!!

  2. That sounds good to me! Thanks!

  3. Sounds like a great tip. I’ll have to remember it.

  4. Good to know – my conditioner is on the last drops too. Another cost saving (?) tip…I just learned how to make lotion! It is SOOO easy. I tried it first with the blender, but I’ll try it with a wisk the next time.

    I tried unsuccessfully to find a used blender in the thrift stores – NO LUCK! I don’t think the next person to use the blender for food will appreciate having any lotion residue…even if all the ingredients are food-grade! I’ve listed some useful links in item 5 of my January post:

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