Tackle it Tuesday

     We have 2 competitive gymnasts in our house.  Four times a week we are at the gym for their practice, and practice has a uniform requirement.  One of the requirements is their hair has to be back, and back to stay.  It can be dangerous for them to have hair in their eyes at the wrong moment.  This means we have invested in many, many little hair clips and ponytail holders. 

     The problem?  They were constantly losing them.  Then, when we had practice or a meet, we could not find any.  Meet hair clips have to be the same color as their hair.  They would use the meet clips for practice and all of it was stuck together in one glass container.  Oh, the aggravation of it all.  LOL, really though, it was frustrating trying to find clips and get everyone out the door.

     Last week was my trip to Hobby Lobby that landed me some awesome deals including these:

A great price at $1.49 each.  🙂  I turned them into this:

     One of the smaller jars has all of the practice clips in it.  The other has the meet clips and ponytail holders.  The big one has the clips and ponytail holders all of the girls use on a daily basis.  The big barrets, hair scrunchies and such are in a drawer.  There is not a jar big enough to hold all of those with 5 girls.  LOL

     This has already proven to be a much better solution.  They were able to quickly find what they needed for practice last night and get their hair done.  A mess and a problem tackled.  Yes!   Have you tackled something?  Wanna get a little inspiration?  Visit 5 Min for Mom and check everyone out. 

Have a blessed day,



3 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday

  1. How nice! Our clips and hairbands went in baggies then into a bin under the bathroom sink. I would like to have jars like these to make them even more accessible. Great tackle! (PS: I have a 6 year old who is in her 3rd year of gymnastics, and I understand the whole keep the hair out of your eyes issue!)

  2. What a great solution to an aggrevating problem! Great tackle:-)

  3. What a great idea!! I am going to have to be on the lookout for something like that.

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