Inside and out just don’t match up today.

     Outside, I was having a cute day.  I don’t really feel like I have a whole lot of these, so when I notice that my hair is looking nice, my outfit is actually matching and doesn’t make me look ginormous, that means ooooooh cute day! 

     Inside, however, was crap.  Whining is so unattractive and annoying so we will call this unconstructive criticism of my day.   The whole downturn to my day started this morning with Ms. Serious (11) and Short Man (10).  It took them f-o-r-e-v-e-r to accomplish anything today.  They drag their feet and mess around the whole time.  By the time they had their beds done and were dressed Ms. Lovebug (6) and Ms. Firecracker (8 ) were dressed, beds were made, room was cleaned up, were working on their schoolwork and having breakfast.  I just can’t seem to get across to Ms. Serious (11) and Short Man (10) that the reason they are not getting to participate in some of the games, crafts, park time, and such is because they aren’t getting their things done.  Why should they get to enjoy the perks when they didn’t do what they were supposed to and the other kids did?!  Ugh. 

     I also had a Dr. appt. today.  They all behaved well at the Dr.’s office.  That was a plus in my day.  I will fill ya’ll in on that tomorrow. 

     From there we ran a couple of errands before we headed to Ms. Firecracker’s (8 ) gymnastics practice 45 minutes away.  The time spent at the gym always makes my stress level skyrocket.  Trying to keep the two littles, Ms. Independent (4) and Ms. Giggles (23 months), entertained for anywhere from 2-4 hours in a place where they cannot run, yell, climb, cry, fuss, get loud, or be distracting to the gymnasts who are working, is not an easy task.  Completely understandable, yet oh so difficult.  Ms. Giggles (23 months) won’t stop trying to be with the big kids, and fell through the bleachers 3 times.  She was only on the bottom seat, but still.  It scares her.  It scares me.  She starts to cry.  I have to quiet her so we don’t get in trouble for being distracting.  I take things for them to do, but it only lasts for a while.  Then, they just want to play!   It is much harder for me to get up and down over and over again.  I end up standing for so long that my legs hurt.    By the time we are 2/3’s of the way through practice I am exhausted, aggravated and ready to just give up.  

     Today was one of those days.  Hormones, I am sure, made it worse.  Mr. Muscles called me to find out how I was doing, and I just couldn’t help but cry.  I hate to cry.  I just wanted to go to bed and actually sleep.  Real sleep would be wonderful! 

     Now that it is warming up, and the days are getting longer, I will be able to take them to the local park to play.  I tried the library, but they don’t like having people in the library.  I guess we are all supposed to stand outside of it, and stare in awe and wonder.  Just as long as we don’t actually want to go in, and say, use it.   

     Anyway, enough with the unconstructive criticism.  LOL  Not all days are like this.  I like to think I usually handle things a little better.  Hopefully, I am not lying to myself.  🙂  Today was just one of those crappy days where things just seem to pile on way too much.  I am ready to go to bed, and start tomorrow new, refreshed and focused on God.   After all, the sun will come out tomorrow!    (Warning:  tiredness can cause a corny sense of humor,)

Good night and God bless,


PS- thanks for “listening”  🙂


One response to “Inside and out just don’t match up today.

  1. What a bummer of a day…. I guess one nice thing about days like that is it makes us really appreciate the smooth ones. AND it forces us to rely on the Lord.

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