Cuteness can be a saving grace!

It is a good thing our new puppy, Tiberious, is so dang cute. 


Housebreaking a puppy can be a little challenging.  The land mines that I find, and little piddle spots, are not my favorite things.  Sometimes they are even surprising.  Let me give you an example:

Look like a normal little puppy “gift”?

Maybe not.

Let me give you a better perspective.

Yes, that is a door.  Grabbing a puppy up quickly to race him outside can be very dangerous.  While the poop did not hit the fan, it did go airborne .  Ewww!  

Lesson to be learned:  be wary of puppies bearing “gifts”.  LOL  Or maybe, be careful you don’t scare the poop out of a puppy you are trying to get housebroken. 

Maybe there is another lesson to be learned here.  Any ideas?  LOL

Trivia question.  Does anyone have any guesses where the name Tiberious comes from?   Your travels to find his name may take you to where no man has gone before.  🙂

Have a blessed day,


PS-  New giveaway coming soon!  I am so excited!!!


One response to “Cuteness can be a saving grace!

  1. Could it be Captain James “T” Kirk??? I just recently learned that Kirk Cameron’s name also comes from him. Assuming I’m correct here.

    That dog is cute! So, does he actually drink from that sippy cup??? 🙂

    Can’t believe you’re 28 weeks along with #7 and decided to get a puppy! Uh…do you not have enough to do? We got a puppy in September. Though he’s an outdoor farm dog and sleeps in the barn at night with the goats and cats, I often think, “why did we do this???” It has definitely been more work than not and so far he’s not doing any herding, only terrorizing. I think I see a dog trainer in our future…

    Ding, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Yes, my hubby is a fan of the original Star Trek, and Tiberious is Captain Kirk’s middle name. LOL ~Rhen

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