Oh, the frugalness of it all!

     Here we go again.  We are talking about clearance tags.  Oh come on!  Whose heart doesn’t start racing when they see that yellow, red or orange clearance tags?! 

     On Wednesday I was killing time while Ms. Firecracker (8 ) and Ms. Lovebug (6) were at gymnastics practice.  Four hours of sitting at the gym with a 23 month old gets old very quickly.  Anyhoo, this time I went to Hobby Lobby to burn some time.  I made it most of the way through the store without putting a thing into my buggy.  I was so proud of myself.  You know what they say.  Pride comes before a fall.  That is when I fell.  I saw them.  Clearance tags.  I just couldn’t help myself!  But oh, the frugalness of it all.

     There were the coolest looking erasers that were $3.oo, down to $.18 for 2!  For some reasons erasers disappear quickly in this house.  I am guessing the kids are eating them.

     Next, we have Sharpie poster paint markers.  These are great for the kids when they are feeling artsy-craftsy.  They can also use them in scrapbooks because they don’t bleed through paper.  They were $3.49 each.  I paid $ .64 each.

     And then we have erasable correction pencils.  The kids hate my red pen.  These pencils are bright purple, so they are easily seen, and they were $3.29.  I paid 1.19 for each package.  I have already used them and am loving them!

     The next two purchases are the ones my kids are excited about.  They are brush marker/ pens.  Markers/ pens that work like a paint brush.  I got a package of bright colors and one of muted colors.  The bright ones were almost $16, but I paid $5.75.  The muted ones were almost $10, and I paid $2.75.  These will be going to the gym with us to entertain the kids. 

The final purchase were these two glass containers.  They were 50% off.  That knocked them down to $1.49 each.  I have a very specific purpose in mind for them.  You will see that come my Tackle it Tuesday post!  Haha!

All totaled up:  I got over $50 worth of school/ art and organizing supplies for less than $16 with tax.

Love it!

PS- these were all things I was looking to buy but hadn’t because I wasn’t willing to pay full price. 

Have you had any great deasl lately?  🙂

God bless,



3 responses to “Oh, the frugalness of it all!

  1. I love my purple Ticonderoga pencils too. I really hope our Hobby Lobby has those marker brush pens!

  2. Great finds!! I

    just got back from Toys R Us…I was looking for a mattress (they were too $) but I found three pairs of shoes on clearance and paid $15 total!! My kids can always use shoes. 🙂

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