Pregnancy #7- Week 28

Oh my goodness!  I cannot believe it is already 28 weeks into this pregnancy.  Time is absolutely flying. 

28 week means the beginning of the third trimester, and I am starting to feel it.  LOL

Standing up for too long makes the bottom of my belly ache.  By 6:30 (which happens to usually be at the gym for the kids’ gymnastics) my belly is getting tight and I just want to be at home.  I am thankful that I do not have to go anywhere on Thursdays!! 

My weight today is 162 pounds.  I am somewhat happy with my weight gain.  I will be unhappy with it, say, two weeks after Baby Girl gets here.  LOL

My belly measures 42 inches around at the belly button.

Here are a couple of shots Mr. Muscles took.  I am really going to have to start doing my hair and dressing up for these things!  Yikes!  PS- pardon my unmade bed.  🙂


My next Dr. appointment is Monday.  I will post the Dr.’s thoughts then.

God bless,



2 responses to “Pregnancy #7- Week 28

  1. Oh, I love that first picture…so sweet!

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